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Motivation Tips

Motivation - Put Some Gas In Your Tank
By:Elvie Look

After our difficult summer when Ken's heart stopped, and my poodle died...it was like a wrench was thrown into my spinning wheels. Everything came to a halt.

Add to that extra traveling, eating out, & not exercising, yadda yadda yadda, the pounds inched up on the scale.

Not even seeing my friends losing weight could motivate me to smarten up. Usually that does the trick. I just didn't understand why not... until now!

Then BAM, I came across a plan that was exactly what I needed to inspire me, to motivate me to action. Heck I am excited, even anxious now, to exercise. So what made the change?

It finally occurred what was missing.... what "keys" were missing. I am sharing those 5 Keys that guarantee success for anything.. even organizing.

#1 It Must Be Doable

If you had to follow a diet that has a whole bunch of ingredients and foods that are not available to you, then you can't follow it. Or you may try to make substitutions and give it a go, but then suddenly it robs your time and energy.

So for you to be motivated to get organized, it must be doable. A project or schedule that fits into your life.

#2 It Needs To Be Enjoyable

The key to motivation is to "do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do."

So, if there is a task you just hate, then you need to find a way to do it so you will enjoy it. For example, if you hate ironing, then set up the iron in front of the TV and put on your favourite show.

Or break the task into smaller ones, such as ironing only 1 or 2 items each day. Eat that elephant one bite at a time.

#3 You Need To See Results

If you don't see results, you will need to put some bomb under that motivation to keep it going. The task will just get harder and harder, you will get discouraged, & probably give up.

That is why shorter goals let you see results faster, which fuels your fire.

#4 Encouragement Is Essential To Stay Focused

Encouragement reinforces positive action, leading to positive results. In contrast, negative thinking can reinforce insecurities, which will hinder you. Magic happens when you receive encouragement.

#5 You Have To Really Want It

You have to be hungry for it, otherwise, you won't work for it. And nothing makes you want something more than seeing the benefits!

Elvie Look: Your Professional Organizing Coach who is helping people get organized with her easy tips and suggestions. These systems help the busy mom, businessman or woman, entrepreneur or student learn the keys to organizing in simple, actionable and manageable steps. She teaches how to get organized and maintain your organized space while carrying on your normal busy life. She is the author of "21 Steps From Chaos To Calm and "One-A-Day" Tips, and "How To Get Organized So You Can Relax Without Guilt Video Coaching."


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