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Motivation Tips

How to Create Weight Loss Affirmations
By:Robin Raven

Losing weight is one of the toughest things that a person can set out to do. It's akin to breaking a severe addiction. That's why there are step programs set up for overeating that follow the exact pattern used for alcoholics. Anything you can do to help stick to your plan is a good thing. Lifting your spirits in this time of struggle can be crucial. One way to accomplish this is through creating affirmations that help you stay on track toward your weight loss ambitions.

Understand what a true affirmation is. An affirmation is a positive statement that is declared as truth. For example, "I am beautiful." That is an example of a personal affirmation that can help you stay on course. For weight-loss affirmations, you want to stick to possible truths that you can make happen.

Write out what you truly want to do with your weight loss. If you are trying to get into a dress for a reunion or trying to shed baby pounds, your goals will be specific and individual to your own needs. Perhaps you have been overweight all your life and hope this new program will give you a new start. Anything is possible. You just need to start by evaluating where you are and making a list of where you want to be. Affirm that you can get to where you want to be.

Think about what you would say to someone in your position if you were looking at it objectively, as someone far removed from such a situation. An honest assessment can often be given by a complete outsider. Realize that all problems seem solvable from a distance. Consider how easily solvable yours are by giving yourself objective affirmations. Some examples of what this sort of weight loss affirmation could be are as follows: "All my weight can be melted away within a matter of six to 10 months." "My weight is in my own control." "I have the power within me to change anything I don't like about my life." "I am on the track of change."

Turn your goals into affirmations in order to make them true. If you want to lose 50 pounds this year, state an affirmation every day that says, "I will lose 50 pounds this year because I am strong, committed and healthy." Pumping yourself up is all a part of the affirmation process. Never be afraid of sounding egotistical within an affirmation. These blessings should be written for you and for you only.

Look at how far you've come. State daily affirmations on your own accomplishments to keep you ready and willing to achieve more. Some examples of this sort of affirmation: "I am more than half-way there now." "I've already survived far worse things than a bit of exercise. I'll get up and get on the treadmill every other day without a complaint." "I've come this far for an important reason."

Write down all your affirmations that truly help as the days go on. You should keep this list on your door or by your bed. Put it in a place where you are face to face with it several times on a daily basis. You'll be tempted to state your affirmations. Stating your affirmations on a daily basis is a very important thing to do in order to keep you focused and on track. It will also boost your motivation and lift your spirit.

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