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Child's Logic: A sad poem - ESL Teacher Robin Day Lesson
By:Robin Day B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed. <cowboy4444@hotmail.com>

Child's Logic

We found you under the old church stones.
We knocked on doors, we looked for homes.
This was good so we thought.
This was good so we were taught.

No mothers would take you in...?
Down to the beach, two boys, then...
Heaven's a good place, so we thought.
Heaven's a good place, so we were taught.

Five times thrown into the sea
Five times thrown and you struggled to me.

We made a cross by hand.
We burried you in the sand.
We said a little prayer.
We left our feelings there.
This was good so we thought.
This was good so we were taught.

A child's logic.
Forgive us kitten.


1. Not a happy poem but the language is simple for ESl learners.
2. Present and analyse this poem like the others posted recently.
3. This poem comes from a memory way back in childhood. I am ashamed of this, a true story. We thought we were doing the best thing for the homeless kitten. Of course now, as an adult, I realize the kitten was just fine under the old church where its mother would come and go and tend it.
Copyright 2005 Robin Tim Day

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