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What's the Correct Word Order?

a. brightly
b. is shining
c. sun
d. the
AnswerThe sun is shining brightly.

a. in
b. lives
c. my sister
d. New York
AnswerMy sister lives in New York.

a. birds
b. sing
AnswerBirds sing.

a. cloth
b. feels
c. smooth
d. this
AnswerThis cloth feels smooth.

a. a
b. became
c. doctor
d. good
e. Mary
AnswerMary became a good doctor.

a. interesting
b. sounds
c. that
d. very
AnswerThat sounds very interesting.

a. a
b. decided
c. go
d. on
e. picnic
f. to
g. we
AnswerWe decided to go on a picnic.

a. clean
b. keep
c. must
d. table
e. the
f. we
AnswerWe must keep the table clean.

a. capital
b. England
c. is
d. London
e. of
f. the
AnswerLondon is the capital of England.

a. America
b. English
c. in
d. speak
e. they
AnswerThey speak English in America.

a. a
b. car
c. don't
d. fast
e. have
f. I
AnswerI don't have a fast car.

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