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Written Language versus Spoken Language  by: Charley Pein
After a person born, he or she learn spoken language before written language, so many linguists consider written language a written form of spoken language, which records the human sounds. However,..
Basic Instruction for French Adjectives  by: Ling Tong
Just as in English, adjectives are used in the French language to describe nouns. However, French adjectives are different both in the way the spelling changes according to the gender of the noun and..
3 Reasons to Learn Arabic  by: Daniel C Howard
In today's generation, our way of life is being dictated by the necessities that human life depends on. One of the resources we greatly depend on is oil. Huge oil deposits are found in countries..
Learning Spanish Words and Phrases - 5 New Spanish Vocabulary Words  by: Pat Jackson
When I first started learning Spanish words and phrases, I used to walk around with a "libreta" (little writing pad) and a "pluma" (literally, "feather") or "lapicero" or "bolígrafo." The first word..
Understanding The Cajun French Language  by: Valentine Taylor
Who are the Cajuns and What is the Cajun French Language? Cajuns are an ethnic group in the U.S. state of Louisiana, whose ancestors were exiled from the former French colony known as Acadia (now a..
Learn to Speak Basic Chinese (Mandarin) Words and Phrases  by: Ken Cheong
The Chinese Language and dialects Each province, each city and even each village speaks their own dialect. There are hundreds of Chinese dialects in China so much so that each dialect speaker is not..
Some Advice When Learning to Speak Japanese  by: Rippa Sama
You may need to learn the Japanese language because you are traveling to Japan and want to become familiar with popular Japanese words and phrases. Or you might have taken a class to learn Japanese..
How to Say: Where is the Toilet? in Many Languages  by:
I think the first three phrases you should learn in any language are: "thank you" "I love you" and "where is the toilet?" ! In our other articles we've addressed the first two translations, now let's..
German Grammar Exercises: A Basic Guide To Conjugating Verbs  by: Leon Ralston
There are more verb endings in German than in English, and these verb endings are often repeated. Like most European languages, German has a different ending for every subject or “person”. So, in..
Learn Spanish by Watching TV  by: Stanley Aleong
You will often hear some non-native speakers of English say they learned the language by watching television in English, especially soap operas or game shows. Is there some foundation to this..
Re: What language should I take in high school?  by: Nathan
I have been told by teachers that latin is probably the best subject to do because if you have a job that means you need to speak a few foreign languages they will be easy to pick up if u have done..
Irregular Past Tense Spanish Verbs  by: Daniel Major
In Spanish there are really just two past tenses the student needs to be concerned about and they are the preterite and the imperfect tenses. The Imperfect Tense The imperfect tense is used to refer..
Learning French The Easy Way!  by: Sandra Stammberger
Planning to learn a new language? Great idea! After English, French is the most popular language used all over the world. Not only is it popular, but French is also often used in high societies and..
Spanish words? months and seasons  by:
I need to know how do you say months and seasons on spanish language? Thanks...
What Is The Best Way To Learn A Foreign Language?  by: Lisa Nobles
Studies have shown that how you learn a foreign language impacts whether or not you will actually follow through it. Obviously, if you get bored before you’ve put in the required time and effort,..
Is a New Language Difficult to Learn?  by: Derren Geht
Learning a new language is like learning a new way of thinking. You immerse yourself into a new culture and even traditions of foreign people. You learn to speak and write in a different way from..
How to Conjugate French Verbs in Imperative  by: Contributor
There are three different types of French verbs: the -er, ir- and -re. The imperative mood is used for forming commands. When writing commands, an exclamation point is typically used at the end of..
What is the meaning of the word chaw?  by:
How to Learn German from Audio Tapes  by: Katherine Peach
To learn German or any language using audiotapes can be challenging, but it is possible through dedication and repetition. You can continue the learning process through online help and additional..
French Numbers are Easy to Learn  by: Ling Tong
When you start learning French numbers, once you know the numbers from one to sixteen you only have to learn a few more to be able to count to one hundred. Then it is a simple matter of being able to..
Children Learning And Speaking Two Languages  by: Boris C.
We are now living in a very diversified culture and society. It is natural to find people who are speaking at least two languages, are bilingual. But there are some bilingual parents or even those..
Learn French Part 4 - More Tips to Help You Learn French  by: Josette Martin
We have already covered 15 tips in previous articles. Here are a few more to help you learn French and appreciate your progress. 1 Watch films: French language films- if you are a beginner or..
Learning Spanish Is Easy  by: Jason Grafier
There are only a few sounds in Spanish that do not exist in English. Many sounds common to both languages, however, are represented by different letters in each language. For example in certain..
Romantic Spanish Phrases - How to Say Romantic Phrases in Spanish  by: Stacy Fox
They say a rose by any other name is still a rose. But somehow saying a "rose" as "rosa" makes it all that much more exotic. When it comes to romance, the exotic spices things up. One way to infuse..
Pronouncing Italian Vowels And Consonants - Part 1  by: Scott Wells
Pronouncing Italian Vowels The correct pronunciation in Italian can be difficult for some beginners. Yet it is standard and stays the same. Once the rules are understood it is simple to pronounce..
Reading in Russian: Some Tips to Help You Read Correctly  by: Alexandra Gamanenko
When we are learning any foreign language, we are bound to compare it with our mother tongue (let's assume that yours is English). Learning Russian has already brought you pleasant surprises -- for..
4 Ways To Discover Spanish Words And Phrases With Out Spending A Fortune  by:
Men and women tend to assume that studying foreign language should be pricey thing to do. The fact is that it could be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. What truly matters to accomplish..
Re: Spanish Grammar Lessons with Reflexive Verbs  by: Banchie
what does cepillas los dientes mean?
Japlish and ESL  by: Robin Tim Day and Bryony Keleher
An ESL lesson: Japlish and ESL plus International Japanese Words Japlish is like Konglish (Korean English). People are very interested in the distorted or hybrid English words for different reasons..
How to Learn to Speak Spanish From Beginner Spanish to Advanced Level  by: Alejandra Legarda
Learning to speak Spanish can reap long lasting rewards. Not only can it provide opportunities in the workplace, but it can be of great help when traveling as well. There are several methods to..
Learn Arabic  by: pdf
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What do I say after hello?  by: Eric Roth
How do we go beyond the predictable, simple questions to have engaging, interesting conversations in English? Here's a lesson called "Going Beyond Hello" that I have used in many English classes. It..
The Conjugation Of Italian Verbs: Part 2  by: Scott Wells
Italian verbs have two voices. A verb is considered to be in the active voice when the subject of the sentence performs the action of the verb, such as Marco ha preparato le valigie - Marco packed..
Re: Spanish Grammar Lessons with Reflexive Verbs  by: Banchie
what does cepillas los dientes mean?
Grammar - A Short Run-through  by: Boris C.
What is grammar? Is it different from semantics? Or is it the same as linguistics? This short run-through on grammar and some of the details will walk you through some important but unfamiliar terms,..
How to Learn French Imperative  by: Jinnene Foster
The imperative form of French expresses commands, makes polite requests or suggests ideas. Imperative, which translates to French as "impératif," is typically formed using the present tense of verbs..
Speak Spanish Even If You Don't Speak It  by:
Though there are many words in the Spanish language, only about 500–1,500 words are used in active vocabulary, or conversational vocabulary. Thus, unless you seek to become a Spanish poet, you need..
Survival Italian for ESL Teachers  by: Laura Trevisan, English Translator
Essential Classroom Commands/Words for ESL Teachers in Italy I must first explain that in the Italian language the words change when commands are directed to one person or to more than one. 1...
Improve Your Spanish Accent! Speak Your Consonants Like a Native!  by: PT Gardner
Are you fairly proficient, or even fluent, in Spanish but find that people have a hard time understanding your accent? Or, perhaps you're a beginner and when you speak the response you get is a..
Helpful Tips That Teach You How to Learn Spanish Grammar  by: Tim Gorman
Do you remember the days when you were in grade school, learning to speak proper English by enhancing your grammar skills? Then you know just how important it is to communicate effectively using the..