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I need help with a translation from english to spanish?  by:
"Laughter is probably the easiest thing to translate because no matter where you are from, we all laugh in the same language. Comedy, however, depends on your culture. What one culture believes to be..
Can You Be a Translator?  by: Natalia Veselova
I'm a translator myself and I know quite a few people who know more than one language. Some of them even ask me to contact them to the companies I work for, because they want to have a translation..
5 Secrets to Learn Spanish Fast  by: Marco Andreas
You want to learn Spanish fast? Then don't just go to evening classes like everyone else and plod along at a sedate pace with the rest of the class. You need to get focused and know where you are..
The Age of Reason and the spread of English  by: Stephen Colbourn
What non-English-speaking people would have taken the trouble to learn English in 1700? For study and diplomacy, the answer is practically nobody. That had changed by the year 1800: English had..
39 Chinese lessons with Real Chinaman  by: chonkouren
Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Revision 1 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10Revision 2 Lesson 11 Lesson 12 Lesson 13 Lesson 14 Lesson 15 Revision 3 Lesson 16 Lesson 17Lesson 18 Lesson..
Can I learn foreign language for free anywhere??  by:
Besides school Im homeschooled
Make English Friends  by: ESL Free Lesson
Try to locate a person in your school or area that is a fluent speaker of English, and ask that individual to meet with you on a regular basis in order to practice your English. You will have the..
How To Say Happy In Japanese  by: Rippa Sama
Telling someone that you're happy and that you're having in Japanese can be very useful and motivating for someone else. For example, if you're on a date and you want to continue seeing the other..
Italian Translation Into English - Days & Months  by: Nigel Massey
I have an ongoing interest in Italian English translation and Italian life in general. I hope this article Italian Translation into English - Days & Months' will help those trying to learn the..
How to Speak German Without Making Mistakes  by: Ling Tong
The title of this article is a little bit misleading because even native German speakers do make mistakes all the time and say the wrong words. However, when they are learning how to speak German..
Age and Language  by: Sharon De Hinojosa
Although it's debatable when the best time is to learn a language, one thing's for sure and that's at different ages, you learn differently. Just take a look below to learn how people learn at..
How To Express Want To In Thai  by: Rippa Sama
There're basically two popular words to express "want to" in Thai. The first one is yaak ja which means will want and the second one is dtong gaan which means "want". Do you still remember the word..
Mini Spanish Course - Lesson 2 of 20  by: Perriann Rodriguez
Spanish Weeks and Months Today, we will go over some basic Spanish Vocabulary. When you are learning the Spanish language, you must practice aloud and memorize not only the pronunciation, but also..
Learn The Korean Language  by: John Davison
The Korean language is spoken by more than 70 million people, primarily in North and South Korea. There are a number of native Korean language speakers in several countries, including the United..
Which of these is correct: "our strategy is focused against..." or "our strategy is focused on..."  by:
Learning English lessons  by: Steve
More here
The Challenge of Learning the Chinese Language  by: John Davison
Chinese is a language, or a group of languages, spoken by 1.3 billion people worldwide. If you believe Chinese to be one language, rather than a grouping, it is the single most commonly spoken..
Learn a New Language - My In-Home Total Immersion Language Program  by: Jim Ada
Full-Immersion Language Programs seem to be the rage when it comes to learning a language. This usually means going abroad to a language school in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, China or Japan. Once..
40 Useful Spanish Phrases - Learn Them in 3 Days  by: M. A. Black
There are literally thousands of phrases you could learn in order to master Spanish, but there are only a few that you need to know in order to start having simple conversations in Spanish. In this..
The Fun of Learning the Hawaiian Language  by: John Davison
The Hawaiian language is an Austronesian (or Polynesian) language that is the ancestral tongue of the Hawaiian Islands, which lie in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian language is the official language..
Fluency in Spanish in 2 Days or Less  by: Frank Jones
Now I've got your attention with my catchy title. I must ask " Did you really believe this was possible? ". Surely not, but maybe you clicked on the link because you want to learn another language..
Learning Japanese - teaching the basic of the pronunciation - Video  by: Will
All about Japanese Kanji Symbol: Do You Know the Difference between Japanese Kanji and Chinese Kanj?  by: Takanori Tomita
What is Kanji? Kanji are ideographs which convey a specific meaning, word or idea. Here are 3 examples of how pictographs are gradually standardized into the kanji symbol used today. These are very..
Learning the Spanish Alphabet  by: Clinton K. Maxwell
In order to learn the Spanish alphabet, you only have to add three more letters to the English alphabet. So if you teach yourself how to say ch(che), ll (elle) and n (ene), you will know the entire..
What language should I take in high school?  by:
My high school offers Spanish, French, and Latin. Currently I'm signed up for Latin, but now I'm starting to regret it. Here are the pros and cons. Spanish- I've been told that this is my best bet,..
Should I Learn French Or Italian?  by: John Doey
Should you learn French or Italian? Which one is more useful? Are they similar? In this article I'm going to answer all of these questions. Similarities Both French and Italian are Romance languages...
How to Learn German in Your Car  by: Jennifer Zimmerman
One place many of us spend too much time is our cars. Since we are stuck in them for our commutes, and since driving precludes reading or writing emails, cars are the perfect place to learn through..
Using The Irregular Spanish Verb Tener - To Have  by: Daniel Major
It is inevitable that you will use the verb tener which means 'to have', from quite an early stage of your Spanish studies as it is one of the most commonly used verbs in the Spanish language. It is..
Learn French - How to Respond to 'Merci Beaucoup'  by: Stanley Aleong
One of the challenges of learning to speak French well is mastering those little expressions of politeness that go a long way to making conversations flow smoothly and demonstrate fluency. When..
Speak German Well by Using Certain Tricks to Learning German  by: Max Sprechen
I started out at point zero learning German. I was a "newbie" beginner in the German language and at some point along the way I noticed that I could speak and read some German. When I look back I can..
Dutch Progression: The Changes in the Dutch Language in the 20th Century  by: Philip Nicosia
The Dutch language is spoken by more than 22 million people, most of them in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium. Given this statistic, Dutch can be considered as one of the more popular..
How to Learn Spanish Online  by: Collaborator
If you need to learn Spanish, doing so online is a great alternative to taking traditional lessons. By learning Spanish online, you can save money and learn at your own pace. After reading a few..
How to Master a Foreign Language  by: Dino Ng
It is always a difficult task to master a foreign language well, especially when you are not in a conducive environment. None of your friends are sharing your interest in the new language that you..
Spanish Words for Parts of the Body - G Rated? parts of the body  by:
Spanish Words for Parts of the Body - G Rated? Could someone tell me the basic spanish words for parts of the body (hand, foot, ear, toe, knee, leg, hair, etc.). All young son is..
How To Say I'm Sorry In Japanese  by: Rippa Sama
Learning how to offer your aplogy and ask for forgiveness in Japanese can be very useful when you did or say something bad or harmful to another person by accident. In such cases you want to say that..
7 Language Learning Tips  by: Ron Tichenor
Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task. But when we break it down, it's really a numbers game. How much time you are putting into it and how many words do you know? In most cases, you..
Learn a Language Fast: 3 Great Ways to Improve Your Speaking Abilities  by: Ryan Wiley
In my years of being a language instructor I have met thousands of students who have spent years learning a language but who cannot speak a lick of it. Sure, their test scores are off the charts, and..
How To Learn a Foreign Language - The Advantages of Speaking It Before You Travel  by: Gill Hart
Think back to your school days when you sat in the classroom and dutifully poured over your French, German or Spanish books, repeating sentences written on a blackboard and grappling with strange..
English: He Said - She Said And Other Elements Of Effective Dialogue  by: Caridad Pineiro
You’ve started your book. You have the basic idea of what you plan to write (genre and length) and understand the conflict with which your characters will deal. But to be intriguing, your..
Learn French Verbs - Let's Conjugate The Verb (Manger) At The Present Tense!  by: Franck Silvestre
Learning a new language can be very scary for many people. Learning French is not easy for native English speakers because the grammar is totally different. Plus conjugation is way more complex. You..