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Re: Can anyone translate these 5 spanish words into english please?  by: Maria
I'm an English teacher and I'm from Spain. La paloma = the pidgeon, tumbao = don't know how to translate it but it's to say that someone dances really well, that has a natural rhythm, that dances so..
How to use the Spanish verb Gustar  by: Daniel Major
In Spanish, there is no literal equivalent to the English verb ‘to like’, in fact the nearest in both meaning and, more importantly, in the way that it is used, is the verb gustar, which..
Learning a Language - Four Big Challenges to Learning a Language and How to Overcome Them  by: Norma Allen
How many people do you hear say, "I've always wanted to learn French"? Or Italian? Or Spanish? Or Swahili? Or some other language? Perhaps you are the one who has always dreamed of ordering in..
Foreign Language - 5 Ways to Make Your Learning Easier  by: Natalia Veselova
There are people who just love foreign languages and are good at them. For such folks learning a new language is a pleasure, they just tuck themselves in and enjoy every moment. But it can also..
America's Monolingual Plague  by: Douglas Bower
My wife belongs to an Internet group where there was a recent blowup over the insane expectation Americans have about foreigners who visit America's shores. You know the one: the foreign visitors..
Fun Facts About German  by: Jim Ada
Many people overlook the German language when looking for a new language to learn because most people think there are only a few people who use it as their spoken language or that it doesn't have an..
Spanish Lessons - Mini Spanish Course Lesson 9  by: Perriann Rodriguez
In the last lesson we learned about the regular verbs ending in ‘ar. Now we will build work on just memorizing some verbs and conjugating them. All of the verbs listed below are regular verbs and..
Learn a Foreign Language - 5 Reasons You Should Learn Another Language  by: Daniel C Howard
If you're reading this, you're probably already interested in learning a foreign language. I'm hoping that these great reasons will get you off that fence and motivated to learn. Language is the..
How to Learn German Quick & Easy  by: James Clark
The German language is spoken by nearly 200 million people (half of whom are native speakers) in 11 countries. It is an official language of Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. Learning to..
Color Words in Spanish - How to Use Color Words in Spanish Correctly  by: Penny Howe
Color words in Spanish, as in any other language, are important in increasing your descriptive language. These small but powerful words are used every day for characterizing and defining your..
How to Deal With Ambiguity in Language Learning  by: Laurianne Sumerset
During the course of learning a new language, you'll undoubtedly come across many instances of ambiguity - phrases that make no sense, structures that don't conform to anything you've previously..
7 Powerful Ways to Learn ANY Language  by: Derren Geht
There are many people telling you over and over that the best way to actually learn a language is to practice with the language itself. They tell you the WHY's but do not tell you the HOW's. Today..
Learn to count in Swedish!  by: Johan
Related lessons in Swedish Johan teaches Swedish!
More on Survival Chinese language  by: Chunping Alex Wu
The following Essential Classroom Commands/Words for ESL Teachers in China are modified according to the previous article called "Survival Chinese". Some of the Chinese words may be spelled the same,..
Survival Italian for ESL Teachers  by: Laura Trevisan, English Translator
Essential Classroom Commands/Words for ESL Teachers in Italy I must first explain that in the Italian language the words change when commands are directed to one person or to more than one. 1...
How to Conjugate French Verbs in Imperative  by: Contributor
There are three different types of French verbs: the -er, ir- and -re. The imperative mood is used for forming commands. When writing commands, an exclamation point is typically used at the end of..
Learn Spanish From DVD's - Using Foreign Films to Accelerate Your Language Learning Progress  by: Heather Adrian
Most everyone loves a good movie. What if I told you that your love of movies could eventually result in tangible foreign language skills? That's right ladies and gentlemen, DVDs can help you learn..
Six Great Ways To Learning French Fast  by: FranckSilver
Do you want to learn French fast? If yes, then this article will give you the basics and my surefire method to learn a language fast. I can learn any language in less than six months (I'm..
Common Mistakes in Learning Spanish and Spanish Vocabulary Words  by: Pat Jackson
Today, I will talk about 4 learning Spanish mistakes that Americans who are learning Spanish commonly make. We will also cover some Spanish vocabulary words. 1. Using "viejo" when you should use..
Ten Words Not In The English Language  by: linguarama
Languages develop, evolve and change according to the culture and society that they are designed to describe, such evolution being reflected in the vocabulary. For example, the original language of a..
How To Improve Spanish Vocabulary In An Effective Way?  by:
While a learner beginning to learn Spanish may feel comfortable with grammar, as the concepts of Spanish grammar are limited and straightforward, he may find it tedious to learn Spanish vocabulary,..
Spanish words? cosmetics, jewelry, and classroom object  by:
Please name 10 for each of the categories in Spanish: cosmetics, jewelry, and classroom object.
How Is Italian Different From English?  by: Daniel C Howard
English and Italian are two distinct languages that offer two very different ways of expressing one's thoughts. While Italian is known for its fluidity, English is characterized by its intricacy. The..
Re: Reading German - A Great Way to Learn Effective German  by: Clive Wright
Thanks you for your notice. I am very much sympathy with your emphasis on reading. Do you publish I wonder a book that I could obtain? Yours Clive Wright
How To Learn German Rapidly  by: Derren Geht
I have discovered one very good way to learn German. One of the biggest mistakes a beginner makes is to try to learn everything at once. You simply cannot become fluent speaker over night! Accept..
How To Keep From Forgetting A Language  by: linguarama
Speaking a second language is one of the greatest talents anyone can have. It opens up opportunities for new careers and new friends, as well as allowing you to travel to exciting and diverse places...
Learning Italian Through Vocabulary  by: Shareen Aguilar
The Italian language, similar to other foreign languages one is estranged to can be learned. This isn’t saying though that learning can be easy but it isn’t difficult too. There are just some..
Learning Languages On Your Own - What You Can Expect to Achieve  by: Ron Tichenor
Learning a language on your own is not nearly as difficult as you might think. The opportunities to study and learn today are 10 times greater than they were just 10 years ago, and compared to..
How to Say " I Love You" in Different Language....  by: DR. MA.LOURDES MACKAY-PALCUTO
Have you been looking for romantic and provocative ways to say “I Love You” to your special partner? There are numerous different and creative ways to say “I Love You,” but have you ever..
Japanese Days of the Week  by: James Penman
Learning the Japanese words for things we see and use everyday is a great way to get into learning Japanese. Early Japanese society revolved around nature, agriculture and religion so naturally many..
I Want To Learn Business English  by: Andrew Carter
I want to learn Business English First, let’s consider what exactly you mean by that? We go through life making assumptions, don’t we – what do you assume ‘Business English’ means? Is it..
Survival Turkish for ESL Teachers  by: Robin Day and Hussain Eser
Survival Turkish for ESL Teachers Posted by Robin Tim Day B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed. These key expressions were collected thanks to Hussain Eser, a Turkish barber working in Kuwait. He..
Understanding The Polish Language - Interpreting Levels Of Formality Part 2  by: Martin Cheslak
On the other hand, when speaking to a friend, relative, or close acquaintance, the proper way to address them is in the second person. However, unlike in English, the person is already indicated in..
Did You Know that Foreign Language Exams Need Special Studying Techniques?  by: Kathy Steinemann
Studying for an exam can be a nail-biting ordeal. However, foreign languages require a slightly different approach than many other subjects. Here are some tips that will help you score higher on your..
French Verb Conjugation: The Basics  by: Valentine Taylor
There are a few important things you need to know about French verbs before learning how to conjugate them. First, there are very few irregular French verbs. Second, you need to learn only 6 forms of..
Free smartphone app: VocaBoca, real time visual translations to learn new vocabulary  by: VocaBoca
VocaBoca is a smartphone app that lets you build your own vocabulary list from the words you find in your favourite apps. ★Take a picture of an object and VocaBoca will tell you what it is in less..
Learning Spanish Verb Conjugations  by: Daniel Major
Spanish Verb Conjugations, where should we start? Well, the first thing we should not do is presume that you know what a conjugation is, never mind Spanish verb conjugations, so here is a brief..
Language: This is just a sampling of simple drinking toasts from around the world  by: Heather Moffat
- Raise Your Beer Mug To The World Or How To Say Cheers! In Zulu - The Moguls did it. So did the Vikings. “A mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer.” After coining that phrase, you..
Reasons and Tips to Help You Learn A New Language  by: Marvin Brooks
Learning a new language can certainly come in handy, especially if you plan to travel to another country or are interested in learning about other cultures. And internet service providers can open..
Accent Reduction Tips For French Speakers: Make Your English Magnifique!  by: Lisa Scott
Learning a new language can be quite a challenge, and learning it well enough to be understood by native speakers is an altogether different experience. As you may have found out for yourself, just..