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3 Strategies For Learning Spanish Vocabulary Words and Speaking Spanish Fast
By:Alejandra Legarda

Learning Spanish vocabulary words can be a big stumbling block for many new Spanish students. With such a huge mountain of words to learn, where do you begin? Here are 3 Strategies to for learning Spanish vocabulary words and speaking Spanish fast:

1. Focus on what you know

You probably know a great deal of Spanish words already. Many words are similar in English and Spanish, with just a slight difference in pronunciation or spelling. You will probably be familiar with a lot of other words that you have learned from early Spanish lessons, TV or music. On this foundation, build up a vocabulary of the words that you will need most often. Start to learn the Spanish words for items that you come across everyday, and you will soon find your vocabulary growing.

2. Learn by Lessons

Grouping vocabulary into topics, such as shopping, eating out, meeting new people or clothing is a popular way that vocabulary is taught in Spanish courses. In this way you will learn lots of words that often crop up in the same conversation. Lessons might include filling in the blanks, naming items in a picture, translating or forming a sentence using the right vocabulary. Spend time working through lessons that deal with the situations you are most likely to need when speaking Spanish.

3. Learn by Lists

Many students get into the habit of learning a list of vocabulary each day or week. The idea is that you study the list regularly, and repeat the words until you know them. Some lists are ordered by subject while others are random, letting you learn a wide variety of Spanish vocabulary.

Alejandra K. Legarda is a free lance Spanish instructor. She is also a contributor to the Learning Spanish Like Crazy course. If you would like to get immediate access to 7 free learning-Spanish videos lessons from Aleja and the first 2 lessons of Learning Spanish Like Crazy, then go here now: www.LearningSpanishLikeCrazy.com.

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