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7 Powerful Ways to Learn ANY Language
By:Derren Geht

There are many people telling you over and over that the best way to actually learn a language is to practice with the language itself. They tell you the WHY's but do not tell you the HOW's. Today I'm going to tell you HOW to practice a language, from the comfort of your own home!

Determinate your current level of knowledge of that language. If you're intermediate speaker, you don't want to start with the alphabet! Actually, that leads to my second tip...

DO NOT START with the ALPHABET! Does a little child learn the alphabet before learning how to speak? NO! The best way to learn a language is using the natural approach.

You got to have a good foundation. I recommend Pimsleur as a resource if you plan to start learning any language. I would then recommend with Rosetta Stone and some grammar.

Be active at least every 2 days. The more frequent you are, the more you immerse yourself into the language. Do this until the language becomes a part of you.

For the language to become a part of you, it may take YEARS. Yes, forget about all the programs that promise you to teach you to speak a language within 10 days. They may teach you the basic phrases, but you won't master the language within such short period of time.

If something sounds too good to be true, it is! Don't believe in any miracles and promises if they sound impossible. Everything gets accomplished with hard and smart work. After that the results come naturally.

Keep it simple. And if you start with one language learning program stick to it. As I said, Pismleur is the best resource in the world to get started in my opinion. By the way, if you find a program that you think won't get you benefits, do not complete it. You don't want to waste your time on inefficient things.

Good luck!

Derren is an enthusiast in the fields of learning and mastering languages, helping others make the best of their time in any language, learning easily, effectively and proficiently.

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