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Chuncheon  by: Lolly School
Welcome to Lolly School. Lolly School utilizes foreign language as an appropriate method for communication in a safe and comfortable environment. Lolly's education system is designed and focused on..
Samcheok - Gangwon-do  by: E2 Sisa Foreign Language Institute
The academy is located on the scenic east coast of Gangwongo and has enjoyed a very favorable reputation for more than nineteen years. Location: Samcheok is on the east coast of South Korea, in very..
Seoul, Gyeonggi, Cheongju, ChungNam, Daegu, Busan, etc  by: HUFS Language Institute
HANKUK UNIVERSITY OF FOREIGN STUDIES Language Institute or HUFS LI is a franchise established from one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, HUFS. Our goal is to facilitate young students to..
Seoul  by: The Princeton Review Korea
The Princeton Review Korea With over 700 locations world-wide, The Princeton Review has an unsurpassed global reputation as the world’s leading education solutions provider. Over the past 17 years,..
Bundang-gu  by: KCTY
The vision of our school is to provide a new kind of English education here in Korea. Most private English academies in Korea tend to take the approach that the more students memorize and the faster..
Seoul  by: Lexis English Korea
Lexis Korea is part of the international Lexis English group. Lexis trains over 7000 international students each year in English, Korean and Japanese language programs. Lexis Korea provides high..
Seoul - Ssangmoon Dong  by: Han Sin Elementary School
Han Sin Elementary School is a private school located in Seoul.
Guri-si - Topyeong-dong  by: Guri S.L.P.
Guri S.L.P. is part of the S.L.P. institute and connected with many other schools across the country. Located in Topyeong-dong in Guri. Guri is located on the eastern edge of Seoul and connected to..
Gangnam, Seoul  by: Lexis Korea
Opening in August, Lexis Korea will offer a range of high-quality Korean and English language programs from our purpose-built premises in Gangnam, Seoul. Lexis offers a range of Korean language..
Ulsan  by: Upenn Academy
Hi there, This is Simon and I am a director of Upenn Academy in Ulsan.