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Can an American woman move to Korea and marry a Korean man and be happy

I met the most wonderful man in college (exchange student from Korea). We instantly became friends & started dating after a few months. I'm in Korea visiting after not seeing him for 7 months. We want to marry. We decided we would live in Korea.
After coming to Korea to meet the family they told him they don't think I would make a good wife due the the fact they think I don't really understand Korean life and would be unable to adjust.
I stayed in their homes & listened to talk about their lives. They think since they treated me well because I'm a guest that is what I think it would be like. I know it would be a struggle.
My bf told me the other day that he's sure we should stop dating. He feels he will hurt me if I moved to Korea for him. It really hurts more to let him go than for him to release stress on me by yelling.
I love him more than anything. I just want him to see I would be happier to struggle w/him than to struggle because I miss him too much. I want to put in the effort.
1 year ago
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1 year ago

I am willing do adapt. I have put 110% into this because I know I would be happy with him no matter where we are.
I have made some plans though to test out living here. That is part of the reason I came here. I will be here for 1 month. I will return to the states for about 7 more months and come back to Korea to teach English. That was my idea to get a better feel for actually living here. Up until a few days ago he was all for this idea as well... Just the day before he told me he thinks we should stop dating all together he had told me that he wanted to wait for me to be ready to move to this country. He says that he still loves me and wants to marry me but he can't... He does not even want to wait for me to come here to teach anymore... I am so confused by him...
He told me that if we lived in the states he would marry me but if we live in Korea he can not because he thinks he would hurt me. Even if we have to struggle, I do not think anything could hurt as much as saying goodbye.
1 year ago

In response to Mz|Lyss:
Our 7 months we spent apart was not a choice made by either one of us. His visa had expired and he had to return home. We both had one more semester to finish up our schooling. Neither one of us had the money or the time to visit the other's country. I left the morning after my graduation. I could not wait to see him. He even sent some money to help me out with the plane ticket. We both really wanted to see each other.

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