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Re: recruiters GMSC - ESL in Korea
In Response To: recruiters GMSC - ESL in Korea (tanjonah)

I am currently working with GMSC. There are so many things that I want to tell you to beware of. First, they have different offices. There is a Seoul office that my school dealt with and then I dealt with the Vancouver office, so they should have talked. The Seoul office did not tell the Vancouver office that the first two weeks would be considered "training" and I would only be given half pay. Also, they messed up my vacation days. In the original offer that I applied to, it was stated that I would have 5 days in Winter and 5 days summer. No one told me that that meant 3 working days and 2 weekend days. IN the contract it even states that I do not work weekends. Most of these things I did not find out until after I arrived here. When I spoke with my recruiter, he apologized and said that there was nothing he could do. He said that it was a mistake (re: vacation). He was just so used to putting in 5 days for private schools. I would go through EPIK or one of their sister programs. They provide most of the teachers in Korea. Beware private academies. They will expect you to clean your room (sweeping, mopping, scrubbing) as well as help to clean the academy. Make sure everything that is going to happen is written in your contract. DO NOT SIGN the contract unless everything is clearly stated in basic English, such as the days you work, the hours you work, and number of vacation days being during working days. So you get "5 consecutive working days for vacation". Just little things I am fighting right now as well as working on a Sunday.

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