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3 Reasons to Learn Korean
By:Daniel C Howard

There are actually two Korean countries, North and South Korea. The mainland was divided into two countries after the Korean War in the 1950's. North Korea is a communist country while South Korea is a democratic nation. Nevertheless, both countries share a common culture, history, and speak the same official language: Korean.

It is estimated that there are more than 75 million people who speak Korean. It is not only used in the North and South Koreas, but also in parts of China and Japan. Linguists are still divided as to where this language belongs. Some consider it as a language isolate, while a few contend that it belongs to the Altaic language family.

Korean speakers are not so widespread, so why learn Korean? Consider these 3 reasons:

1. Product Understanding. Some of the equipment in the market today like mobile phones, computers, household appliances and other electronic gadgets are made in Korea. When we buy these devices, there are manuals or instructions in the package that are written only in Korean. If we are able to understand what was written in the manual, we will be able to follow instructions properly.

2. Career and Business. If you work as a professional or if you are an entrepreneur, you have the advantage if you know how to speak and read the Korean language.

For instance, nowadays, Koreans are enrolling in English classes. If you happen to be an English teacher teaching Korean students, it is easier to interact with them if you already know their language. Furthermore, if you work for a Korean company or Korean boss, knowing how to speak Korean will open up new opportunities for career advancement.

As an entrepreneur, you will benefit from learning Korean if you are in business with a Korean trader or supplier. Communication lines will be clearer and your Korean counterpart will have more trust and confidence in you.

3. Traveling and Migrating. It will also be very convenient if you know how to speak Korean if you travel or migrate to the country. For example, if you want to travel and spend a vacation in Korea, you will be able to communicate with the Koreans living there because most of them hardly understand English, especially when you stray far from Seoul.

In addition, if you found a job in Korea or you met a Korean you want to marry or just decided to migrate to the country and live there. Transition will be easier since you can understand their native language. It will not be difficult for you to work or live in Korea.

If you are able to speak and read the Korean language it can be a very valuable asset. Although it is different from the English language, it can be learnt gradually and progressively. Through dedication, practice and hard work, the language can be mastered. There are ways you can learn the language. You can get private lessons from someone who speaks Korean. You can go online and study the language or just buy Korean language books that provide learning instructions.

Daniel C Howard is a language teacher living in Asia. He has over a decade of experience teaching all ages a variety of subjects. For free info and lessons on Korean, please visit his blog here.

You can also sign up for a newsletter full of free language tips from Daniel's many hours in a class. And as a bonus, stay updated on all the new information on www.learnkickasskorean.com.

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