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Why Should You Visit Korea?
By:Travel Expert

South Korea is a very interesting country, which I recommend visiting for a series of reasons.

1. Korean food - even though Korean food has some elements in common with other Asian cuisines, such as the use of soy and soy products (like tofu, soy sauce etc.), some spices and rice, it is entirely unique. There are ingredients, combinations of flavours and recipes that you will not find anywhere else, so, if you are a food lover and interested in experiencing new flavours it is worth visiting Korea. There are Korean restaurants around the world, but you will never find the same flavours and variety of Korean cuisine as in Korea itself.

2. Shopping - shopping in Korea is an amazing experience. In a city like Seoul you are able to go shopping at any time of the day and night. Also, the variety of shopping centres, markets, shopping areas and department stores is incredible and caters for every taste, need or pocket. Often shopping in Korea is part of a family day out, as many shopping centres are created near attractions such as amusement parks, aquariums and places of interest for tourists.

3. The kindness of Korean people - like in other Asian countries, interpersonal relationships in Korea are very important and so Korean people are usually friendly, very kind and willing to help their friends. Sometimes they might seem blunt comparing to westerners, but they are rarely malicious. The important thing, anyway, is to know some of their customs and etiquette in order to avoid cultural misunderstandings.

4. The Korean city of Kyongju - Kyongju is an old city, basically an open-air museum with a high concentration of the best-preserved Korean Buddhist art (sculptures, pagodas, temples and palaces). If you are interested in Asian architecture Kyongju is worth a visit, as Korean traditional architecture is unique. Kyongju is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

5. Korean traditional medicine - if you are interested in traditional Asian medicine, than it is worth experimenting traditional Korean acupuncture. Korean acupuncture is based on the same principles as Chinese acupuncture and some Korean practitioners study in China, but it is slightly different. Also, a typical Korean treatment is cupping, which was made famous in the west by Gwyneth Paltrow. Acupunctures practitioners in Korea are very good and they charge very cheap prices comparing to acupuncturists in the west.

6. Korean ginseng and green tea - Korean ginseng is considered to be the best in the world and, if you are a fan of this medicinal root, you can buy it cheaper in Korea. Also, Korean green tea is very good and great for health.

7. Korean sauna - Korean sauna is a great experience if you are a wellness fanatic. Korean saunas are rather different from any other spas around the world and quite cheap by western standards. In Korean sauna establishments you can find the traditional Korean kiln sauna, as well as steam rooms and dry saunas and you can have body scrubs and traditional Korean massage.

8. Korean Nore-bang - Nore bang is the Korean version of the Japanese Karaoke. If you love singing but you are too shy to do it in public, or you would like some background music and the songs texts, in Korea you can go to a nore-bang (literally sing room), with your friends or on your own. A nore bang is a place with individual private rooms for singing, so in privacy you can enjoy singing as you please.

9. Korean amusement parks - Korea boasts some great amusement parks, such as Everland near Seoul. Especially if you are travelling with kids, this will be a highlight in your trip to Korea, a country where you can find traditional Asian culture as well as the newest and most exciting entertainments.

10. Experiencing Korean culture as a whole - it is worth visiting South Korea, just for the opportunity to experience a culture that is so different from our western cultures. Korea, even if it is a small country, has its unique culture, where traditions and innovations, old and new coexist.

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