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Jining Confucius International School  by: homeatlast
My first teaching experience in China was at Jining Confucius International School (JCIS). Located in Jining, Shandong, this school is a bilingual school at best. Although it boasts an impressive..
EYAS Group Leaving Issues  by: AM
I am having trouble with my current school. I work for EYAS Education Group/EIA/Rise in Wuhan. My contract and work ends next month, and they have confirmed my final work day here. Yes, they refuse..
Re Teaching in Asia  by: chinamen
Don't do it
Re Teaching in Asia  by: Lisa
Hi Robyn, We are an education agency which is specialised in ESL service. We have good connection with various schools in China, I can help you and your husband find a suitable teaching posts and a..
Help! ELL Project  by: Ashley Woods
I was wondering if you guys could answer these questions for me 1.) What are some of your strategies for teaching reading and writing? 2.) What role does the native language play in the classroom?..
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Re IseeESL (Shanghai)  by: I See ESL update
Update: Suddenly she changed the story and said the school is interested in me. She set up an interview the day later. I saw the school logo in the background while talking with the HR and knew the..
Re British School of Nardo, Italy  by: Eamonn
Hi, read your article with great interest. Myself and my wife were the first teachers to work for him when it first opened in Nardo. I can see that things haven't changed one iota Inc the old flat...
Re Welcome to Changshu International School (Changshu city, Suzhou) The armpit of Hell  by: InChina
If this is the school operated by Lunhua Education, it is not alone in its mismanagement. Jining Confucius International School is exactly the same. The exception is that there is no backstabbing..
Re China Tefl Network Helen Group, Hangzhou - Hongtao Wu is guilty by association!!!!  by: Anti_scam
Hongtao bitch, Helen cock sucker, one day justice will be served. may be your forgot, but we will never forget, we will torture you. and if I caught you I will cut your fucking fingers both of you, I..
Re Guangdong Country Garden School,foshan bgy PRC  by: Badger
You sir, are full of shit! You were sacked 'coz you're a lousy teacher and a drunkard. The truth hurts... This is all some rot that you have just made up. What a sad little man you are. Just another..
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English Tutor:   by: Athena Joy Carillo
Caring, enthusiastic teacher with a strong commitment to student development and the learning experience. Excellent background and proven success in helping various learners reach their full..
English Tutor: Online English tutors as soon as possible  by: Bruce
We are a Shanghai based company, offering online English course to young children. Anyone who is experienced and interested in this position can send resume to us and we will get back to you as soon..
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Schools, Companies or individuals: We have professionals of all languages for hire.  by:
Hi, We are an education agency which is proudly located in Melbourne, Australia. We are mainly focused on ESL service and other language service. We recruit professionals of all languages, and..
Profitable English School For Sale in Izumiotsu - ¥850000 (Izumiotsu, Osaka Prefecture)  by: Michael
I am selling my school as I need to leave Japan by the end of the year, or sooner, if possible. My school is small and growing and has 40 students. Currently, the school is open four days a week from..
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English-speaking lawyers in Korea  by: oldrok
The following is a regional list of Korean lawyers that can speak English and have counseled foreign clients. Taeshin Law Firm 18, Seocho-daero 50-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea. Yuseong Bldg. 4th and..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
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Are you looking for Accredited TEFL Certification for affordable price? See this one! Whether you want to teach English overseas or tutor online, this one course covers everything you need!
Power English Center  by: ESL Teachers Needed for the New School Year!!
Power English Center is located in Phu Nhuan District, Saigon – one of the most active and bustling cities in Vietnam. We are recruiting teachers to teach at public/private schools: We send our..
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IFB washing machine service center in hyderabad  by: aktechnoservice
Looking for ifb Washing machine service center in Hyderabad Ak techno-service provides you the simplest service and that we have such a large amount of service centers across totally different..
Advantages of First Aid to You and Your Students  by: Kevin Gardner
Introduction If you are planning to learn first aid skills for personal reasons or for your students, first aid training is essential. Nowadays, medical emergencies are things you can never avoid,..
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Motivational tip for student when feeling down  by: Ketan Pande
Whenever you feel down due to exam pressure or low grades and don't feel like studying. Just follow these steps to feel motivated: 1. Just close your eyes and tap your middle and index finger on your..
Do this when you are feeling down?  by: Ketan Pande
So here are steps to self-motivate yourself: 1. Close your eyes and I tap your middle and index finger on the chest and affirm: “I will become (my goal) no matter what. Say it whenever you feel..
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The History of Parachute Pants  by: Bettina Palileo
Parachute pants are characterized by their material. Just like actual parachutes, they are made of nylon, allowing them to be lightweight and durable. The crotch is low and pockets and zippers adorn..
About The History of Birthday Candles  by: Peggy Epstein
When the iced and decorated cake is brought to the table at a birthday party, it's ablaze with candles. A longstanding tradition, the lighting of birthday candles is said to have started with the..
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10 Inspiring Rumi Quotes  by: Ketan Pande
1. “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” 2. “The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” 3. "Don’t grieve. Anything you lose..
Inspirational quotes and Motivational quotes  by: Inspirational and Motivational quotes by Bright Side View
Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children. – Khalil Gibran There is a king who is aware of every mask..
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Re: About That Job Interview - Does it Resemble an Evening at the Improv?  by: stratowhore
not very helpful as there are no specifics for the many points you made, e.g., "prepare for the scores of things" that might be thrown your way. Like what, exactly? And what are some typical teaching..
A Resume Mirrors Your Character: 5 Tips In Writing a Good Resume  by: Gab
We have rounded up another set of tips from one of our recruiters, Ms. Jess, to help our dear applicants ace the recruitment process. Read on to learn more! Do we really need to make an effort in..