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AM - 2018-11-10

I am having trouble with my current school. I work for EYAS Education Group/EIA/Rise in Wuhan. My contract and work ends next month, and they have confirmed my final work day here. Yes, they refuse to pay my final paycheck until a month after I leave. I have emailed and talked to several people here, and they say they will not change their company policy. They also won't give me my travel bonus. They say I must purchase the round trip tickets first and prove I paid for them. Only then will they submit a request to the finance department to give me my bonus. It clearly states the amount in my contract. The final problem is my letter of release. No one I've talked to here will give it to me. They say they have hired out all their visa work and no one at the company knows what this is. They say their HR department has a policy of not giving out letters of recommendation until the last day of work. My problem is that I have no home within a few days of my contract ending. Companies I talk to about transferring to so I have a home need that letter to prove I can transfer my visa. Given the other promises that have been made by this company and not fulfilled, I cannot just trust they will give me the letter. Since foreigners must close our bank accounts before leaving the country (if we leave), isn't there any law stating a company has to pay the foreigners upon completion of their contract? Not making them wait a month? The person Roger who handles foreigners told me to my face yesterday that if I am not in the country where I can transfer my money to wherever I go, then that is my problem. Does anyone know of an agency I can hire to try to deal with my company? Is there a contact at the Labor board that anyone here has used? Thank you

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