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Steven Pullan - 2018-10-09

Hi, Good morning

I hope you are well today, we are a small friendly and reputable U.K Based firm, we offer a personalized and friendly, honest service for teachers looking for work abroad, and we help support teachers throughout the process, below are a few examples of the positions on offer, if you have any queries please let me know,
The reason I am writing to you today is I recently saw your posting on one of the ESL network boards and feel we have roles that would suit you personally,
Here is general view of what we currently have available.
In China- (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing etc etc) we also have offers in many other countries in Asia including (Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and recently we also have some great roles in Thailand) .
These posts vary, from ESL graduate positions to IB International schools. We are very confident of presenting the best salary and benefits packages to people.
We have positions for both experienced teachers as well as new university graduates looking for their first role. The ESL positions in China pay approx.13000+ RMB per month and the IB international schools pay approx.14000-18000 RMB per month, some are higher depending on the situation, all positions (ESL and IB) include a free apartment/housing allowance and flights. and in case you are interested, we also have a number of positions to fill in Beijing and several other cities in China which are adult classes only.
A masters or B/a is required, as well as being a native English speaker, and any bonuses will depend on the specific school, we will provide you with all the back up that you will need to complete the application process.
So, if you are interested in any of the roles on offer please get in touch right away so we can start the interview process, also please check out the webpage below (educatingearth.com) and look at the info on the various Countries we supply teachers to, have a nice day.
If you are interested, please email and send across your latest C.V. should you wish to be considered.

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