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The Shadow Knows - 2018-10-09

Remember friends, on Dave's ESL Cafe even the so-called "Schools" can't spell housing. They're not offering you a housing allowance, but rather, something very different.

Well Paid ESL Teaching Positions Available in Chengdu of China, Working Visa, Hosuing Allowance and Flight Allowance Provided!
Enfly Education -- Tuesday, 9 October 2018, at 3:13 p.m.

Hey, didn't you read the ad? We never said a HOUSING allowance.

Dave's ESL. Screwing teachers since day one and getting paid by the Communists to do it.
Roll the dice. Anything goes, just not the way you had hoped for.

Time for some SHOE FLY PIE and keep reading ads by EnFly.
Fly, fly, away and keep flying. Just not to China.

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