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#1 Parent Silverboy - 2018-07-17
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Interesting that there was a beach called "Pattaya Beach" inside those caves. It is a long way from the real Pattaya.

#2 Parent PageWhite - 2018-07-14
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

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#3 Parent The Spirit of Migsey - 2018-07-10
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Not so bad that hothot pretend school then it seems. Been a lot about football from Thailand recently. I have been reluctant to mention the cave rescue because by the time it gets aired it'll all be over done and dusted and forgotten about, hahaha! This ain't no breaking news Channel! I understand that we may have a fellow FT on the beach alongside the caves at Pattaya. I expect he's a volunteer Australian diver. He could hand out free Aussie steak pies at the cave entrance. We wish them well and hope the English FA gives them all free tickets to see Bolton play Portsmouth at home.

#5 Parent The Spirit of Migsey - 2018-06-29
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Skype is getting difficult to use if all you have is a 32bit architecture operating system and you're using Linux. You could use the web-based Skype but that's blocked a lot in China. I expect you have a cutting-edge 64bit machine but people like, Big T, Trumpsey and Fifi have to make do with Machines that Alan Turing would feel at home with. No disrespect meant to you.

What you need to do is to descend to the realms of the peasants and give us your WeChat details as we is hungry for info regarding that hell-house in hothot-on-sea.

#6 Parent 807 - 2018-06-26
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

I have further information re LLH, but I am unwilling to put it into writing.

However, I will reveal all to anyone who can be bothered to Skype me, and listen to what I have to say re LLH.

My Skype ID is ralec123, and there is a picture of a transmitter valve standing upright. The mood message is 'Still Standing'.

#7 Parent Laowai - 2018-06-03
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Worked for little London for 2 years. They pay on time but the 'British guy' in charge of the foriegn teachers is a obsolute loon. His mind has gone on old age and weed (not exagerating..), he is unfortunately the contact for when you get problems and sadly he causes more than solves. you can avoid contact with him altogether if you speak Chinese and can sort problems out yourself, would definitely not recommend this school to a non Chinese speaker. and also avoid if you have any teaching experience aswell, for there salaries are rather low, they provide accomodation but the savings in rent does not makeup for the slash in wages.

#8 Parent Ya'el - 2016-01-09
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Hi there jorden!
Did you end up going to Hohhot? Did you get much useful information about it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

#9 Parent jorv - 2015-05-11
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Thank you very much for your reaction. Also to the other member who emailed me directly.

San Migs, I sent you an email yesterday

I hope you received it. If not, please feel free to mail me directly, my email address is included in this post.

I think I can cope with Hohhot's weather conditions. But a further explanation on the shady side of the school or any other reasons to be on my guards would be much appreciated! I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Jorden

#10 Parent San Migs - 2015-05-10
Re Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Email me, I am a very old china hand and I have been to hohhot and have knowledge of this place. There is a lot to be careful of in that province specifically regarding visas for a reason I won't go into on here, also I suspect that outfit is very shady and has connections with the local government, be warned, they will tell you anything to get you there, and you will be in freezing weather during the long winter (even colder than the UK!) and a furnace in summer. It is a lot like being exiled to Siberia, it has the same reputation amongst a lot of mainlanders.

Either way, your decision....

jorv - 2015-05-09
Anyone who taught at Little London Hohhot?

Hi everyone!

I have been offered a job at Little London English School in Hohhot.
So far, I've had a pleasant email correspondence and Skype interview with a British guy who acts as their head of recruitment.
So I am tempted to accept the offer and get together the documents to start the visa preparations.

However, I have not been able to find that much information on them online.
So I'd love to hear from anyone who is teaching there now or has taught there in the past.
I know Hohhot is not everybody's favourite, but I am confident I can like it well enough for at least a year.
I am very interested to hear though if (former) teachers recommend Little London or not. What did you like or dislike? Did they arrange the right documents for you to apply for a legal Z-visa? Do they keep their promises as to salary and maximum number of hours to teach?
Any answer is much appreciated; thanks a lot for your time!!

Kind regards, Jorden

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