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#1 Parent caring - 2018-03-29
Re teaching Chinese preK students and wechat

Your plan's feasible. What's to consider is where you are and who you are to teach in China. Areas around the nation vary in sense of earnings/costs and skills of kids which is what you'll have to think of when setting your courses/lessons, tuition fees and even times per week. Keep in mind that too many locals think lowly of us regardless our qualifications and experiences! Most of the time, parents expectations are unparallel to ours which is why it is important to know your community. To my knowledge, majority of Chinese parents of such little kids want to prepare their little pumpkins for the Chinese primary schools that have some ridiculous English books to say the least. Anyhow, if I had 4 such kids and parents gave me all the time and authority to the education, I'd charge them at least 200 Yuan hourly per child via payment you've well suggested.

Beth Murphy - 2018-03-29
teaching Chinese preK students and wechat

Hi everyone
I am so happy to find this board ! I have been thinking of teaching Chinese children(age 4-6).
I have masters degree in special education and experience with the preschool population. I have researched all the online platforms ( not impressed with curriculum) and quite horrified by the reality of how they treat their employees
They remind me of Market America.

I have specific ideas about using actual picture books and hands on activities similar to what I would do in a preschool setting .My main goal is to have 4/5 " regular" students twice a week for 6 months or more I would use a kindergarten screening tool and Dolch word lists to evaluate progress. What would you suggest as a price per lesson?

Has anyone used wechat as a way to find students or to accept payments through wechat wallet / red envelopes ?

My son is studying Chinese. He will spend this summer and Sept. 2019 thru May 2020 in China.
I am looking for a way to have money set up for him in China . Is it OK to do it directly thru We chat ? I was thinking it would be easier and we wouldn't have to pay a foreign transaction fee .
Thank you!

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