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foxy - 2018-01-27
In response to Re: absence (Alias Taffy)

You have no idea how frustrating it can be when private pension providers apply unnecesarily strict rules to their clients when personal details, such as residential addresses of said clients in China change.

I originally had a box number address, which was accepted, but went for a burton when the boxes were physically demolished some 5 years ago. I never told the pension providers about this as I knew there would follow a process of having to get verified evidence of change of address.

In an earlier post I had mentioned that the Chinese post office only accepts and handles mail to and from abroad via courier and no longer handles air mail letters to and from abroad. So, an Xmas card to an old friend in Blighty who is a dinosaur in terms of IT will cost you 220 RMB by EMS delivery instead of 7 RMB by air mail letter!

To cut a long story short, I got away with forcing them to accept a scanned change of address form by emal instead of applying their usual un client friendly procedure by sending them scans of PSB resident application forms whose stamped originals were taken from me by the PSB during the Residence Permit Application process. That meant I had no originals to EMS to Blighty, which I was happy to avoid having to do, so as not to waste 220 RMB/pension provider.

Anyway, the goons at the teacher pension outfit that was moved from Edinburgh to a sparrow-fart town in the Scottish borders, and can't get over it, haven't bothered to reply. I think they are still holding a grudge against me due to my dealings with them some years ago when I had caught them out fibbing, and having underpaid me through their incompetence! I tried to assure them during my recent dealings with the surly PSB, who distrust me, that I would eventually get my RP, and then be able to prove my new address was valid by sending thm scans of photocopies by email. I told both pension providers that the surliness was a result of many illegal bogus FTs having taught in China resulting in a clamping down, and that I was a suspect. No reply from Galashiels suits me fine. I told them they needn't reply if they accept my email and certain scanned documentation, which they had received from me by email.


The cart before the horse:

At 2018-01-22 , E @equi.....com> wrote:

Dear foxy,

I am writing with reference to the annual annuity in payment.

I can confirm that I have updated our records with your current address.

Yours sincerely

Mrs E......

From: [email protected]]
Sent: 23 January 2018 05:58
To: E @equi.....com>
Subject: Plan xxxxxxx, foxy

Dear Mrs E,

Many thanks for your e-mail confirming that you have updated my records to reflect my current address.

Yours sincerely,


Now the next problem will be trying to avoid returning certain application forms RE pension payments in the retirement package by EMS. I think they can accept a fax instead, but maybe not!

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