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#1 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re MGTOW a threat?

I have been reading a lot about this as I have a fair bit of spare time at the moment. My sister who is a professional dancer bought out a dance studio where she used to work and I had to pull out a few petition walls.

Apart from that I had to take several truck loads of rubbish to the tip. The previous owner had left all sort of junk there for 15 years, since 2002. Only about 10 hours work per week however.

Anyway, back to MGTOW. There are different levels, I'd say I m only about level 2 or 3. I still like to pump and dump a few regular women when I can and bang hookers.

There are different factions appearing withing some MGTOW and red pill groups as some members are becoming extremists like ultra-feminists.

Calling women "scum of the earth" and "cockroaches" which annoys a lot of genuine MGTOW men. These sort of labels really are extreme and really do the cause no good.

The whole point of MGTOW is actually non-aggressive action and constructive action. Holding placards in the street and yelling into loudspeakers is not a part of this philosophy either.

Like I said, a proper miggie or MIGTAU as some people call it just go about their business, or might sometimes infiltrate feminist websites and troll a bit for fun in their free time.
The whole point is to withdraw financial resources from women and also to ignore any women with entitlement mentalities ( sadly that about 90 perr cent of them )

A lot of women are starting to get pissed off because resources that were being directed toward women by men are going elsewhere. A man will buy a flash car, luxury watch, or or a nice boat with the money he saved by not dating or having serious girlfriends. No expensive dinners, or flowers, or nice earrings or lavish dresses and shoes or necklaces or watches for women unless they buy them themselves.

A woman will say he is "selfish" because he spends all the money on himself, but obviously she is wrong. Some minimalist type MGTOW will also donate a few thousand dollars to a charity of their choice. They say it is money they would have wasted on dating women if they were a blue pill beta. As for the "herbivore men " or "grass eaters" in Japan, that movement has exploded in popularity and the Japanese government is getting worried. It's good though in that Japanese women are being forced to become self-reliant and independent. The "herbivore" movement could become a big thing in the West.

Men have a right to self-determination, financial freedom, social freedom, and not to be almost broke and living in a one bedroom rented apartment when they are 70 years old. We have no obligation or responsibility toward women. It does not mean that we condone violence against feminist organizations however. Some of the radical red-pill and MGTOW do though.

We also have the right to say that marriage is nothing but a waste of time, money and various other resources. Some women are also starting to understand MGTOW and are saying "feminists don't speak for me".

There are a few good female anti-feminism bloggers starting to appear online.

#2 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re MGTOW a threat?

In my opinion, it does indeed threaten society and is against the natural order of things (well, maybe just order, not natural order), but that's the whole point. It's a reactionary response to things going too far in a particular direction.

Silverboy - 2018-03-29
MGTOW a threat?

Now I m hearing M.G.T.O.W being called a"threat to society" and "against the natural order of things" in mainstream media. I did not think many people were so afraid of this philosophy. MGTOW is not an organized movement like ultra-feminism. It is just men ( often very wealthy men) withdrawing financual support and other resources away from women, and women hate that!

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