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#1 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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You have the right idea. Just live how you want, fuck as money women as you like, the good OL PAD, pump and dump. Yep, forget about this marriage bullshit unless you want to lose a heap of money. Red Pill and MGTOW lifestyles are the future IMO. Life an unapologetic lifestyle only for yourself. You don't owe women or "society" anything.

#2 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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It's about quality not quantity; my target is to not be needlessly kept alive whilst too old and demented to appreciate it like some of my older relatives, but I'd also like to live long enough to feel that I've done a good job of this life thing. My legacy doesn't strictly have to be about family or children, but I'd like to hand over something good to whoever will be taking off from where I pass the baton.

As for women, I've given many a decent dicking; I need not feel too ashamed even if I never bother getting married, lol.

#3 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Maybe 55 to late 50's would be ok.

I see guys in their mid fifties who are still married with kids and many are still working even in their mid to late 60's or older.

Fuck, I would not want to end up like them! They've always got their hand in their pocket or wallet, the wife wants a new car or a bigger house or a bigger ring ( more carats )

The married guys in their thirties also have these problems, it's just take and take with these women!

These guys mostly wish they had never married and still had freedom.

I'd rather be dead than put up with some nagging and whining self serving bitch for the rest of my life.

I;m not in that position now but being really old still sucks. I don't really feel old yet, but maybe in 10 years time it will be a different story.

#4 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
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Why would you want to die at 55? I am going to be 68 yrs of age this month. And I still have some points of my agenda that make me feel my life is (still) worthwhile. It's all a matter of perspective.

"I am hoping to die at 55. Maybe the mythical "HIV" will finish me off sooner, LOL!"

#5 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Good for you Turnoi. I m glad you avoided those nasty feminists. I'll stick to the wonderful bars and hookers in Pattaya though. You know the old phrase, "good time not a long time" or " live fast and die young". I am hoping to die at 55. Maybe the mythical "HIV" will finish me off sooner, LOL!

#6 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
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I feel I can. I have always ignored women with a focus on handbags, lipsticks; those with an entitlement mentality; and likewise, I have avoided all this shitty feminist sub-culture as well as bars, hookers, etc. Instead, I have regarded women as human beings, some of whom I liked and others that I liked less as individuals. I met one woman I really fell in love with and became my wife - a person of intellect, sincere character, her own will and self-confidence. - I regard this to be a man's way; this is pretty average and normal, and thousands of men do it this way.

"It sort of defeats the whole purpose: How can a man be married and still "go his own way" ???"

#7 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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I hate those type of individuals you mentioned also. I think Chiang Mai could be alright for a white MGTOW though if he looked in the right places.

Many people either love Chiang Mai or hate it.

I'm personally indifferent to Chiang Mai. Probably because I like coastal areas but also because in January to April the air is very polluted because of farmers burning vegetation.
Often there is no breeze either.

It also does not have that vibe and energy that Pattaya has. I've heard complaints about CM, "too many rats", "boring", "dirty".

As for rats, Pattaya has them also but I have not seen hordes of them. I saw a lot more when I lived in Nanning.

The main beach in Pattaya was also very polluted up till recently, especially between Soi 7 and Walking Street.

Last time I was there I noticed a big improvement in water quality and no rubbish on the beaches. It fact the water near Soi 12 was an opal blue colour, unusual to see this.
Still got the pests on Beach Road however, the touts selling all sorts of shit.

I agree with you that Chiang Mai has a lot of young hipster or wannabe hipster types from places like San Francisco, London, or eastern Sydney who really have no talent and live off the savings of their often super wealthy parents.

A much different demographic to Pattaya, where it's mostly the 55-70 y/o single or divorced MGTOW's and self-made retired small businessman or tradies from the West with a lot of disposable income. Then you have the 23-35 year old Western gym junkie/steroid muncher type men who just don't like white women and save up all their cash for their twice a year junket to Patts to get their rocks off.

Interesting contrasts!

#8 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Yep , many men still don't realize they don't owe women anything. They never did.

A woman does not deserve respect just for being a woman, that's for sure!

Too many stupid "white knights" still around, it is very sad!

#9 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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There has been discussion on MGTOW forums recently about if a man can be married and still be an MGTOW.

It sort of defeats the whole purpose: How can a man be married and still "go his own way" ???

MGTOW is about living how you want, doing whatever you want whenever you want.

Also about spending YOUR MONEY on WHATEVER YOU WANT!

This is almost impossible if you are married. For example, if I had bought a 2700 dollar luxury watch when I was married I'm sure my wife would have exploded with anger.

This happens a lot in marriage as you are not spending YOUR money on her!

#10 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
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I see. However, I think it must be older than 2014 because I have done that all my life, sometimes with women like my former wife and sometimes without them. Nothing really new, I would say.

"Men Going Their Own Way."

#11 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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I love Chiang Mai, maybe more than other places in Thailand. However, you just don't feel welcome in certain places (usually caf├ęs/hostels) if you are totally heterosexual, right of centre politically or like to eat meat. This is not the fault of the local Thai people though, it's usually the Western clientele that will make you feel that way. Those shit people with their shiny new MacBook Pros, fruit smoothies, coconut milk cappuccinos and vegan menus can just f**k off, I hate them all, lol.

Despite this, not every place is exclusively targeting these digital nomad/backpacker types. Digital nomads and backpackers I find, somehow tend to be very lefty in nature; probably because they have a trust fund/rich parents that will support their most likely to be totally unprofitable blogging adventures; the vast majority are definitely not Silicon Valley tech guys working remotely and earning big money yet not paying San Francisco/bay area rent. I bet that there's a fair few bitcoin bullshitters out there too.

Chiang Mai still has a lot of places that do cater for the 'creepy old white men' that love a cold beer and a steak/full English though, as well as younger Western people that just want to get absolutely wasted on Sang Som buckets and whatever else they can get hold of. All is not lost, yet.

I'm not sure why those women feel a need for themselves to 'save' the local Thai women though; it's shitty white knight behaviour that you usually see from beta males and we all know that women aren't supposed to be knights; even if the red pilled men out there know that no woman is ever really a damsel in distress either. Maybe it's just a subconscious thing; the Western sluts are just bitter at the fact that the creepy old white men won't ever be a source of reassuring attention or potential sugar daddies for them. They're not really saving these 'poor innocent Thai girls,' they're really just trying to nullify the competition.

#12 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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In the same way that we're supposed to earn their attention, they're supposed to earn ours. Well, that was the basic unwritten rules of the old system.

Half of those slags aren't fulfilling their responsibilities to men; they're not even behaving like women anymore. No wonder there's so many effeminate beta males out there these days, it's probably a natural subconscious response to the lack of availability of feminine women. Those poor bastards are probably deep down, also fed up of their bullshit and want to turn gay, but they just can't bring themselves to make that last final step of taking it up the bum/bumming a bloke, so they just become soyboys, beta males and white knights instead.

#13 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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I think you are right. Those high and mighty Western women in particular I find most annoying. Just reading an article about snobbish white Western women in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They constantly complain about "creepy old white men" with Thai women. The thing is, why do they care? They even personally confront some of these men. In Pattaya they would be told very loudly to FUCK OFF! They have got a hide!

#14 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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Not to sound like that one of the people that say "leave him alone, he ain't worth it" when smacking some twat outside the pub; I'd suggest not wasting too much energy on those kinds of people. A lot are just bitter losers that can only ever feel a sense of victory when projecting something. By condemning you for something, it is the only way that will ever feel that they are in a superior position .

#15 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Well said Drags. I am glad soy boy beta male wimps like him will not be posting on here again. Likewise for hysterical USA feminists, lots of them on here. They should be aware though that I am monitoring a few other ESL sites. If any of these goons pop up on one of them myself and others will call them out on their lies and bullshit. This forum contains some of the worst liars cowards and narcissists ever.

#16 Parent Dragonized - 2018-03-29
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Projection at its finest.

#17 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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Ah, the classic foreign cuck and Chinese gf handjob combination, the Birthday handy and the Christmas handy.

Actually, many women will deep down prefer the cheaper food, it's often some form of regional local cuisine that they genuinely like and not Western food that will be wasted on them. Hence they won't do the expensive order shit test. A bowl of noodles will often please them more than a 150 RMB steak!

#18 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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I agree. The amount of money wasted by men on women at expensive restaurants in China is just staggering! Often a lot of the food is wasted also, I saw this a lot when I was there.

It is not just the Chinese guys like you said, foreigners also waste a lot of money on Chinese women and they mostly get NOTHING in return.

You are smart to spend the least amount of money on women as possible. And going back to their place is best if you can do it, you don't want them knowing where you live.


I was at a foreign restaurant in Nanning one day with a Canadian friend of mine and a USA bloke was sitting at a table nearby. Two young Chinese women came in and sat opposite him.

This idiot said, "do you want Chinese food or Western food" ??

My mate from Canada said, "What do you think" ?? "Of course they will order the Western dishes, they are the most expensive". We just started laughing. The girls looked offended but they did order the most expensive items on the menu so we were vindicated! China is full of fuckwits like that guy!

You are right, some of the soy boy beta male wimps on ESL boards will say you are "cheap". I've been called "cheap" myself online and also in real life. One guy said to me "Why don't you ever treat Chinese women, you can afford it". "You spend all your money on yourself". Yep, Graham ( a British beta male tosser ), you bet your fuckin' arse I'll spend it on myself!

This fool from the UK bought his Chinese wife ( poor, no surprise! ) a house, a car, and gives her an 8000 rmb a month "allowance". The women in China married to laowai compare with each other what they are given by their husbands. I wonder if these women have ever thought about working for a living and being self-reliant?

Out of all the foreigners I know who are married to Chinese women, hardly any of the wives have any sort of employment. They bleed these guys dry, and all they get is maybe the mediocre twice a year hand job.

They complain about never getting any sex. They are too "proud" to go to a hooker though. Instead they will just continue to waste hundreds of thousands of rmb, some of them MILLIONS of rmb on these useless women.

I just don't get it!

#19 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
take my advice

take my advice:

#20 Parent Su Lin - 2018-03-29
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Wow Mr Silverboy, you very handsome!

#21 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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I recently watched 'The Red Pill' documentary (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Pill) and it stated towards the end that the 'red pill' discussed by the MRAs is very different to that of certain other red pills communities; the MRAs wish to change the system, other red pillers want to take advantage of the system and MGTOWs want to escape the system altogether. It's definitely worth a watch.

Applying some MGTOWish principles ain't too bad even if you do actually date chicks over a longer period of time; call me cheap but blowing hundreds of RMB on a dinner, cinema and drinks date is stupid beta behaviour, I can spend less than 50 RMB on a meal (usually cheap Chinese food) or coffee for two and then go back her place (always hers, not mine) for the night simply because I decided that's what we'll be doing (because that's what I want to do) and if she doesn't like it, I can just bang some other chick. There's no need to waste money on impressing women. Like I say, there's some idiotic cucked guys on here that would call me cheap but... I'm banging the girl, I'm not banging them.

Yet in China, I still see and hear lots of clueless newbie foreigners in restaurants trying to impress rural Chinese girls with overpriced Western food (usually when I selfishly indulge in overpriced Western food by myself or with other Westerners) and trying to impress them with stories about everything is bigger, better, richer back home etc; yet you can tell that she doesn't understand half of the English words that come out of his mouth and she doesn't care either because she probably just wants a new house for her parents, a mixed race baby and a divorce settlement in a few years time.

Still, it's easy to see why she will constantly suffer these most boring of dinner dates and even give this newbie teacher an unenthusiastic token handjob with a bored expression on her face at the end; it's totally worth what she can get from him because if you're a rural, uneducated Chinese girl, it's much easier to pull that scam over a few years than earning the same amount of money from doing a real job.

#22 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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How about my other pic? I shaved for that one and it displays my silver a lot better. BTW, I have five silver chains now, one solid silver one, the rest 92.5. Gonna get even more when I am back in Pattaya soon. The girls love me, getting many compliments on my pics, hehe!

#23 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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#24 Parent pattayan puke - 2018-03-29
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Yuk! Your disgusting countenance is only outdone by your moronic world view and the vastness of your ignorance and pretense. I pity the Pattayan whores who no doubt must suppress their rising bile when in your company.

#25 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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You have raised an interesting point: That we must be careful in the West in case our countries are taken over through "Islamification". An army is not required for this as some people have pointed out several times.

Even some MGTOW have expressed concern about this themselves. So even some MGTOW think if they are extremely lucky and genuinely find a good woman they should breed.

There is also a perception among many people in "mainstream" society that all MGTOW are "woman haters". Some are, but there are different levels of MGTOW,
and also "red pill" groups that share MGTOW values.

For some men MGTOW has nothing much to do with women at all. Sure, many of these men will reject marriage and family/kids but more generally they reject mainstream "Western values" and reject what is "expected" of them in "normal" society. Some reject the host society altogether and go totally of the grid and lead a life of solitude and simplicity/sustainability in the countryside. For others they don't want to contribute by paying taxes, eg, income tax/GST toward what they see as a corrupt system which also benefits mostly women. For others, marriage and children are seen to be environmentally irresponsible.

Minimalism is also a big issue for many MGTOW. Avoiding dating, having GF's or marriage will obviously save men hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of dollars over 10 to 20 years or longer.

It's a no-brainer! However, buying only second hand cars, not wasting money on pay/cable TV, getting the best phone and internet deals is also a priority of many red pill blokes. These men also don't waste money at coffee shops or expensive restaurants. They buy gold and silver bullion. They try and buy fine art if they can afford it. They purchase blue chip shares and try to buy property within 10 km radius of the CBD of a major city.

Almost everything is about maximization of financial strength. It has to be like that so later on they can move to SE-Asia or South America or some other place and tell everyone to fuck off. Many of these guys will also go to the gym and try to eat healthy meals. If they get sick they can't work and can't earn and invest.

All of this is to do with what THEY want, not like blue pill/betas who still have this this "White Knight" syndrome , "be nice to women" garbage. Sadly, even in Pattaya I have seen this BS, the "Captain Save A Whore" types who have "sympathy" for bar girls.

As for the minimalist thing, it's certainly not for me these days......... I am not in any way a minimalist as is obvious from my lifestyle and previous posts on here.

#26 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
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I don't totally agree with MGTOW ideas as there is a need for us to breed, because if we don't, our enemies will breed us out and conquer us, those rapefugees conquering Europe certainly aren't gonna MGTOW, I'll tell you that. But when they are taking over, they won't be letting women walk all over them either.

However, all young men should at least read up about MGTOW to avoid falling into certain traps when they are young. Personally, I think the 'Alpha f**ks, beta bucks' theory is the one that they should pay the most attention to. They certainly shouldn't let feminist influenced mothers and school teachers be the guiding influence by telling that they if they always be nice, they'll eventually find the right woman.

Unfortunately, many children were the products of relationships between such sluts and beta males that had settled down after she had no practical use in the eyes of the alpha males that had passed her around during her earlier years; their father isn't going to be there to provide them with that guiding influence as his missus has probably already psychologically castrated him, if not already divorced him these days. If you look throughout history, many men people are the result of beta males being stupid enough to get a golddigging slut pregnant and marry her. So, the cycle will forever be very hard to break.

#27 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Men Going Their Own Way. It is a social phenomenon since 2014.

#28 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
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What for God's sake is MGTOW standing for? I am so stupid with regard to this! Could you enlighten me?...lol

I urge you to consider the MGTOW way of life.
#29 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Thanks for the compliment. In fact I grew up long ago. Pattaya is for "red pill" alpha males who are done with marriage/ltr and all that shit. FYI, I was reading an anti-MGTOW article last night where women (surprise, surprise ) said the new wave of MGTOW and men in general are "selfish" for "not living up to their responsibilities to women". I thought "who the fuck do these women think they are". No wonder MGTOW is popular!

#30 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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Turnoi: I urge you to consider the MGTOW way of life. It seems to me though that you are altesdy living the MGTOW way to some extent. There are five levels of MGTOW, and us "miggies" have different priorities. Minimalist lifestyles are a big thing for some miggies, even older ones. I am just spending all the hundreds of thousands of dollars I'd be wasting on a wife on myself. Way to go!

#31 Parent Another Willie - 2018-03-29
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You look fine for your age, SB. But forget Pattya, hookers and bars; it's time to grow up, lol.

#32 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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One more, hehe!

Silverboy - 2018-03-29

Gift for my supporters.

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