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#1 Parent Private education providers or agents are dubious folks - 2018-03-29
Re: Anyone give information about IGiT group in Saudi Arabia

If everything is such a secret, then simply don't go and work for them! That's it!
Be especially wary of providers and agents in Arab countries; most of them are outright crooks!
You also risk not to be paid in full or in time by Arab universities because of their administration being staffed with incompetent, lazy and corrupt people.
You should never waste your time and energy on these assholes!

#2 Parent 123890 - 2018-03-29
Re: Anyone give information about IGiT group in Saudi Arabia

Everything is a military secret at the IGIT naval contract in Dammam and it's clear lies and deceit
are part of IGIT' ways, military ways or both. Teachers for IGIT' work well and are often under un-needed
pressure, because of other hidden agendas related to the department that can effect them.
Of recent (2016/2017), whether or not IGIT' contract would be renewed has been unclear. For one year or more,
one minute it's signed, another it isn't and that's been never-ending. Somebody knows the score, but it's hidden, hidden,hidden
from those who need to know-teachers. The ones that make the system work and make money for all the saudi naval layabouts
who call themselves Officers and those in higher related office.
The site supervisor Amin even confirmed and sent emails out telling teachers a two-year contract has been signed and this was verbal
information too. Next to learn is no contract is signed and to get ready to stay away work and be ready to final exit ( at 2 days leave-way to contract being or not being renewed).
We'll see what the upshot is in two days of this information (13.11.2017), but what's learned is the lacked trust in the folk running or
scamping from the backs of the IGIT' teachers who have done much hard work in uneasy working situations.
Now, be aware IGIT' be aware Dammam Navy, if this is corruption related or otherwise,it's doubtful, probable impossible slyly push away the IGIT Teachers, without repercussions, so if this is the plan, expect to pay all that's due in salary and severance, etc, to avoid Labor Office involvement and staff refusing to exit unless all dues are cleared.

#3 Parent John Hudson - 2012-12-21
Re: Anyone give information about IGiT group in Saudi Arabia


well this is another stern warning against this company, IGIT. I worked for them multiple locations in saudi arabia and was stunned again and again at the abrasiveness of the management and truly poor treatment.

I could post everything that happened but for the sake of time I will say that they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign up and come to work for them as well as resign after your contract is up. Absolte lies from beginning to end. The one that made some of the teachers the most angry was when they promised an annual salary increase but of course it was oh next month and and oh next month blah bah blah and then finally after they realized they couldn't ignore us anymore, they simply said well nobody is going to get a raise. We had nothing in writing so that was that. In dammam, where they ahve a navy contract theu are in the process of losing eight of their 14 teachers. yep, over half of their staff is or alrady has quit and all of us we fed up with the poor treatment and host of lies.

They lost the first THREE contracts that they had and simly tried shuffling their teachers across the country from one poorly managed contrcat to another. If you have any questions I will be happy to help. I have seen the inside and out of the this company and there is no way I would advise any of my friends or relatives to go and work for them.

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