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#1 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re A board for teachers?

All across the world, there's many different women to be found; unfortunately, you're going to have to try a fair few before you can settle on a decent one.

One problem with dating foreign women for anybody is that when there's conflict, we're often too quick to blame 'cultural differences' and feel a need to make an effort to tolerate their shit. In reality, what's often considered shitty behaviour amongst your own people, is often considered shitty amongst theirs too; there are less cultural differences than one would think.

For me, that can explain why some men overseas select pretty shitty wives. There's also the fact that they have had to go beyond their home country to search for love; which can give the impression that they (possibly through no fault of their own) are frustrated and desperate, they will force things to make it work because they cannot bear to go so long in their lives without finding love. You see some guys boast about the most awful kinds of Chinese wives and wonder if they just married them because they were scared of leaving China without catching something, so to speak.

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