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#1 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re The Continuing Saga

Just employ yourself, lol. If you want to do 1 on 1 classes, it can be done on Skype.

#2 Parent Dosh - 2018-03-29
Re The Continuing Saga

Online companies, especially those from China, are crap. And those who run them are crooks and outright liars. Those who are stupid enough to work for any of them are losers and do not get what they deserve for their hard and honest work.

Be smart and do not work for any online company!

#3 Parent Great Online Teacher - 2018-03-29
Re The Continuing Saga

Yes, the staff at some of these online schools are deceitful to say the least. They will lie to you all day long. They will insult you. They will tell you that there must be a misunderstanding again and again. And behind your back they will do whatever they can.

online teaching for Chinese companies is dreadful - 2018-03-29
The Continuing Saga

Now, after endless agony, and a dry spell of calm, it turns out that all this time a staff member of the support staff of my online school has been secretly teaching one of my students. He has taken it upon himself to start teaching her on the sly and she let it slip. So, I lost a long-term student to a staff member who teaches her for free. She doesn't need me now. He's free. Do not trust adult Chinese women. (unless you are very thick-skinned and tough as nails)

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