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Taffy - 2018-03-29
In response to the final 'ism' (FTinPRC)

We've evolved to see racism and religious intolerance as despicable constructs based on ignorance and hatred. Nationalism deserves the same fate.

The whole post is good and well constructed, Trumpsey. However, it's another 'ism' I sincerely hope never comes into being, it's called futurism. At the moment there are many of us who believe 'religious intolerance' is our only hope for the happiness and freedom of gays and women persecuted or enslaved by some religious groups. We need to be intolerant of truly bad people. Sadly there's gays and women around who will tolerate persecution again their own sex or persuasion simply because it is not yet affecting those individuals personally and it would be politically incorrect on this forum or other forums of existence to stand up and be counted. So we are left with a charade of agreement.

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