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My Farsi for your English -- A.Karimi -- 2015-10-10
Hi. I'm an engineer from Iran living in Tehran. Persian (Farsi) is my native language. I'd like to learn english and speak fluently.
My Farsi for your english -- Hamid Amiri -- 2015-08-22
Hi , .. My name is Hamid, I live in iran and would love to teach you English if you are interested please email me to .. thanks a lot
My Farsi for your English -- Ali Dadjoo -- 2015-02-23
Hi Im ali from Iran . I would like to speak english complatly. By the way to find a good friend in the other country . I like to invite him / her to my country I will be waite you .. A.dadjoo
My Farsi for your English -- farnoosh -- 2015-02-20
I would like to speak English fluently.Also, it is my pleasure to teach you Persian. .. looking forward to hearing from you!
My Farsi for your English -- Behrouz -- 2015-02-18
Hi, I want to learn English and can learn you Farsi.
My Farsi for your French -- hoda -- 2014-08-06
Want to learn french
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