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Turkey - Istanbul
School:International TEFL Academy (Teacher Training)

Istanbul has a long and interesting history: Byzantium was the city's original name; it was changed to Constantinople during the height of the Holy Roman Empire. Today, the city is still a political and commercial center for the Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, as well as the Turkish Republics of Central Asia. As the city is the crossroads of East and West, the cultural, religious, and architectural synthesis is unlike any other city. Often compared with Rome, both having been the capitals of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, for its many similarities including the numerous and imposing religious and civil structures, Istanbul is a mecca for tourism and an interesting place to visit for anyone.

The TEFL TESOL School: Earn your TEFL certification in Istanbul - a university city boasting some of the most reputable educational institutions, Istanbul is an ideal setting for students looking to further their educational horizons. The center is based in the Kent English School, which was founded in 1988 and is specialized in teaching English as a foreign language. Kent is a member of Ozdilder, the representative body of private language schools in Turkey and is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

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