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Exploring the Beauty of Kornati Islands
By:Ivan Horvat <ivan.horvat1106@gmail.com>

Traveling and exploring islands is always a unique experience. While most islands are beautiful, some are more beautiful and have more to offer than others. A prime example of such islands is the Kornati islands in Croatia. Kornati is an archipelago consisting of 140 islands and islets stretching 35 kilometers in length and 14 kilometers in width. As a true testament to the uniqueness of flora and fauna on the islands, a group of islands was given a national park status in 1980. Currently, the Kornati National Park is one of the most frequented destinations by both local and international tourists in Croatia.

Getting There

There exists no ferry or a public means of transport which makes boats and yachts the only way to travel to and from the islands. You can use a personal yacht, if you have one, or take a ride in one of the numerous boats offering trips to the islands at a fee.


The most popular attraction, and rightly so, is the aforementioned national park. The Kornati National Park offers the visitors a fresh view of marine life. The must see side of the national park is the southern part where there is an established 500-meter maritime exclusion zone around the Purara islets. This exclusive marine area has allowed marine life to thrive as evidenced by a colony of dolphins that resides between the mainland and Kornati islands. If you are lucky, you will get a dolphin escort through the straits. Other places to explore on Kornati islands include the oval-shaped Taljuric Island, Mana Island, the beautiful Saharun Bay, the resort island of Ravni Zakana among many others.

As you travel towards the islands, you will be treated to a spectacular view of the exposed rocks and cliffs which besides the amazing view, also produce dramatic sounds of crashing waves and echo of human sounds. To experience the best views, cruise to Mana Islands where boats can get up close to the 100-meter cliffs which extend up to 1.5 Kilometers.

Also, you can swim and snorkel in the pure waters that surround most islands of the archipelago when the sea is calm. In doing so, you get to experience the marine life that exists beneath the rocky shoreline.

Food and Accommodation

On an empty stomach, you can’t do much, leave alone exploring islands. When hunger strikes, there are over 20 restaurants in Kornati islands most of which offer fresh fish in addition to the traditional lamb. Most of these restaurants are only accessible from the sea.

If you are exploring the Islands in the comfort of your yacht, you can sleep in it. However, to accommodate the majority who don’t have the luxury of owning a boat, there is a small but comfortable campsite on Levrnaka. If you want the best the islands has to offer, head to the resort island of Ravni Zakana where you will find Konoba Zakan Restaurant which serves excellent meals.While Croatia has a lot to offer, the Konarti islands belong at the very top of the list. On the islands, you experience the marine landscape in its purest form.

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