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Expat Guide to Cyprus
By:Simon Clark

There’s hardly anything more exhilarating, challenging and overall worthwhile than completely immersing yourself in a foreign country and experiencing another culture first-hand. If island paradise sounds like what you want from your future expat life, Cyprus might be the place to go.

As a Mediterranean island nestled between Turkey and Egypt, it seamlessly combines breath-taking natural beauty and fascinating ancient history that make long-term Cyprus holidays a great option to improve your quality of life.

The 2011 census revealed that one in five residents on the island are foreigners, which means you’ll be choosing an incredibly international environment. As a member of the European Union, settling in Cyprus is also as easy as it gets.

On the island, English is widely spoken, as are Greek, Turkish, French and German. Looking for a location to practice your language skills? Cyprus is truly a mixing pot, with people visiting from all over Europe and the Middle East. Teaching English abroad is always a useful occupation to pay your way in the island as you explore and travel.

Because of its enviable location in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus enjoys sunny, warm summers and mild winters, so you won’t have to worry about bringing along your whole massive wardrobe of snow jackets, scarves and gloves. Water temperatures range from 16-27 degrees celsius, so swimming and water activities are a favourite.

Paying homage to ancient religious ancestry, living as an expatriate in Cyprus means taking enough time off to explore interesting monuments like the Temple of Apollo. Just west of Kourion, the temple was once an imposing structure and is now mostly a ruin, but you can see a few pillars intact and get a one-of-a-kind glimpse into early Roman architecture.

Also worth a visit is the Tomb of the Kings, in Pafos. Similar to tombs found in Alexandria, the remains of this Hellenistic monument reveal a lot about the burial practices of the era. Also in Pafos is the Rock of Aphrodite, the goddess of love’s fabled birthplace and where she supposedly rose from the waves to become protector of the island.

With your long stay in Cyprus, explore cooking with local Mediterranean flavours. Sun-ripened vegetables and fruit along with abundant fresh seafood will expand your culinary horizons, and you’ll be able to impress your friends and family when they come visit.

The choice to commit to a location for a longer holiday can be intimidating, but friendly Cyprus welcomes travellers from across the globe and awards you the chance to delve into its history. With so much to explore and learn, take your time and settle into life in this sun-kissed island.

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