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Re: A day in the ESL life in Saudi Arabia
By:Terry T. <tarantulaterry@yahoo.com>
In Response To: A day in the ESL life in Saudi Arabia (Sarah+Ali)

Honestly, I must say that this post is right on the money. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst places in the planet for men and women of any religion. Let's be honest, the Arabian Desert is not small, and it is quite harsh. The environment, literally, turns people into snakes. EdEx is a recruitment company, and they are as good as it gets in Saudi. The only reason the Saudis are even still there is because of the oil. Honestly, anybody who is anybody in the Middle East runs from the region. Most Muslims love it because they can go to Mekkah and Medinah, but they even struggle with the life because it is quite simply inhospitable. Everyone in the Kingdom is treated as a slave, and this is hard to deal with for even the poorest men and women. Most people you meet working in the Kingdom are basically slaves, and they have lived a life of servitude that has conditioned them to be focused on the money they get. The reality is that Saudi may have a bit of money now, but this will be a short lived party. Saudi has huge social, educational, and geographic problems. I believe that this region is a powder keg, and that the other Arab countries reliance on Saudi for money will end fatally with a masses war within the region. The sad reality is that Arabs have been fighting Arabs and non-Arabs for thousands of years. This has not ended with Islam nor will it ever. Agencies and direct employment are both quick money schemes but so is everything in the Kingdom. People get burned all over the region as direct hires and through agencies because it is part of their culture.

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