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Visit These Five Must See Berlin Club Sites
By:Gaizka Pujana

Club De Visionairre is located along one of the many service canals that lead to the River Spree. What is especially unique about this particular club is that it is open on Sunday afternoon to diehard club and fans when most of the cities other nightspots are closed and their DJs are home sleeping. Amateur spenders get the opportunity to show off their skills for the pure love it on any given Sunday making this a top choice for an afternoon's entertainment.

Club 8mm is on the other side of town in a fairly edgy Prenzlaurberg district that is a small and intimate venue unmarked from the outside. However, ask about and you'll find people heading to this popular nightspot with activity beginning somewhere around midnight. If you get there before 11, entry is free but you may be called upon to pay a five Euro cover charge once the midnight hour rings. This is a good selection for her a great late night outing where you will check the fine a diverse mix of tunes with everything from Ride to DMX blasting out of the small but capable sound system.

Catch great techno sounds at The Panorama Bar, located near the Ostbanhoff train station. This is one of the largest venues in the city. This is a great selection for electronic techno music that stays open all through Friday night up until Saturday afternoon. This is where you will find the best European DJs booked and crowds of young people intending to party until Monday.

Scotch and Sofa, is a 70s throwback type of club that is in the Prenz section of the city if you are looking for swinging the blues. The bar is located on Kollwitz Strasse and is most likely the coolest place in the world to be sipping whiskey. The venue is populated with comparable sofas where you can just lie back with people from all over the world taking in the tunes, or stretch your dancing legs on the street where you can take a break sitting in very kitschy plastic green chairs. The atmosphere is relaxing enough so that 4 AM comes along a lot sooner than you expect it will.

Octagon, a club found in Freidricshan. You enter the club through a kebab shop, warning through an ancient looking hallway that leads to a most spectacular courtyard lined with trees. Two floors of the building have been converted into what has become Berlin's most popular guerrilla club. Come visit soon, because you never know with these alternative entertainment destinations may still be up and running on your next visit.

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