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A Very Different View of Walking in Majorca, Spain
By:Tony Maniscalco

There are a few things that come to mind for most people when they think of Majorca, and they usually involve sun, sea, sand and lots of British tourists. However, although Majorca remains a major tourist destination, you may be surprised to learn that there is in fact a very different side to the island, which makes it very popular for people who want to go walking in Majorca.

One of the places that most people will already be familiar with when they go walking in Majorca is Palma. This is the capital of the island and the hub of activity in Majorca. For that reason it is quite developed and attracts many tourists. That's not to say you should avoid it completely, however, because there are some attractions of genuine interest here - including the Cathedral that is lit up spectacularly at night, and Bellver Castle. There are also lots of restaurants and bars to enjoy, making it a great place to visit during your trip.

However, although a visit to Palma is recommended, for those who want to experience the other side of the island then you should head elsewhere and enjoy the natural beauty of walking in Majorca. There are plenty of places where you can experience the stunning landscape of the island for yourself.

A wonderful place to visit is Puerto de Soller. Located in the midst of mountainous terrain, the surroundings of this small village are ideal for spending a day, or several, exploring. You won't find many tourists here, and it is the perfect place to visit and experience the hidden Majorca that you don't see in the main tourist hotspots. An experienced tour leader can help you to get the most of your time in this area, to discover the rich tapestry of the landscape whilst walking in Majorca.

Deya is another quaint village, located in the Sierra Tramuntana mountain range. It boasts stunning surroundings that are perfect for exploring on a not-too-strenuous walk, and you can even get up close to Teix, the second-highest mountain on the island.

For another natural highlight, head to the S'Albufera Wetlands where you can experience the beauty of this wetland habitat with 1,700 hectares to explore. Located near to Alcudia, it is a unique place to visit on a holiday walking in Majorca.

Don't be put off by large developments or mass tourism in Majorca. It's easy to escape the crowds and explore the real island when you put on your walking boots. There are so many natural areas to explore that most people who visit never experience. So if you want to see the real island, then walking in Majorca on a guided walk is the best way to do it.

Tony Maniscalco is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. Join us walking in Majorca to see scenic locations & landscapes at the best value prices. We offer over 250 guided group walking holidays http://www.ramblersholidays.co.uk/ in over 65 different countries.

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