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Significant Attractions in Stockholm, Sweden - Writer:_Travel_Expert
By:Travel Expert

No matter the reason and whatever the time of the year, Stockholm is surely a destination worth a visit whenever it’s about traveling around Sweden. The city has a multitude of attractions which will make people mesmerized and without a doubt, impressed with the scenery. See for yourself Stockholm’s Top Rated Attractions and come to visit Sweden’s capital because it’s lovely.

• The Kaknäs Television Tower (Kaknästornet)
Recognized as one of the tallest creations in the entire Scandinavia, The Kaknäs Television Tower is almost 508 feet high, which makes it an impressive Sweden landmark and one of the most visited tourist attractions in the metropolis. Travelers have the freedom to get to the top and have a great view of the city, while enjoying at the same time a relaxing drink and a quick snack within the zenith restaurant.

• Tivoli Gröna Lund
And since Stockholm it’s about having a great time, Gröna Lund features the most exciting and thrilling amusement parks in the city. Attracting locals, as well as traveler from all corners of the world, Gröna Lund was opened for the first time in 1883. Since then, the park has continued to grow, develop and modernize becoming the ideal spot for some adrenalin and excitement. From the most dangerous roller coaster to the funniest rides, from scary haunted houses to the most delicious cotton candy, Gröna Lund is certainly a place not to be missed every time you decide to visit Sweden’s capital.

• Aquarium Water Museum
Apart from being the stunning embodiment of Stockholm’s underwater life, the Aquarium Water Museum is more than just a simple attraction. Offering plenty of entertaining activities tourists will certainly manage to have fun and admire the engaging species of fish. Moreover, the Aquarium also features a living forest full or piranhas and mangroves, together with the perfect reconstruction of a coral reef chain. Have the closest look possible at the dangerous sharks through the glass window, prepare to be dazzled by the astonishing clownfish and admire the outgoing starfish within the contemplative and soothing ambiance of the Aquarium Water Museum in Stockholm.

• Drottningholm Palace
Drottningholm Palace features the residence of the Royal Swedish family, an exquisite masterpiece and one of Stockholm’s most admired and esteemed attractions. Usually referred to, as the Versailles of the North, Drottningholm Palace has also one of the most visited and gorgeous parks in the entire Sweden. Within the palace, tourists will also find one of the best preserved 18th century theatres where occasionally there’re still airing several shows over the summer season.

• Skansen
Known as the world’s first open air museums and opened for the first time 1891, Skansen offers a deeper vision into the culture, civilization and architecture of Stockholm over the past years. Dwelling more than 150 genuine houses of the 19th century, the museum is definitely one of the most exciting and outgoing attractions in the city. Tourists can also admire the Rose Garden positioned within the territory of Skansen, where they can witness the multitude of medicinal plants, as well as the Zoo. Find out which are the coolest animals, take endless photos and make your visit to Stockholm memorable.

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