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Sampling the Traditional Foods of Scotland

If you have a chance to visit or live in Scotland, you owe it to yourself to sample some of the traditional cuisine. Some visitors to Scotland hesitate to try haggis, Scotland's most infamous traditional dish. However, this savory sausage dish is actually delicious, and is definitely worth trying. Here are a few of the traditional foods of Scotland that you should make a point to sample while in this beautiful country:


In its most traditional form, haggis is cooked in a sheep's stomach. However, standard casings such as what are used for other sausage products are generally used for commercially prepared haggis. This sausage-like dish consists of sheep's liver, heart and lungs, which are mixed with other ingredients such as oatmeal, onion, stock and suet. Haggis is traditionally served with rutabagas or turnips and potatoes. These two side dishes are each boiled and mashed, then served alongside the haggis. If you see haggis referred to as being served with "neeps and tatties," it is referring to these mashed turnip and potato side dishes. You'll find haggis in supermarkets, restaurants and even fast-food restaurants, where it is usually battered and then deep fried. However, purists enjoy haggis, "neeps" and "tatties" along with Scotch whiskey.

Traditional Soups

Although you might think that the word "broth" means a thin soup, Scotch broth is actually a very hearty and filling dish. This soup, which generally consists of barley, carrots, turnips or other root vegetables combined with lamb or mutton, is a popular dish in Scotland. The actual ingredients of Scotch broth will vary, and you'll often find greens such as cabbage or leeks added as well. Although many of Scotland's traditional foods are quite high in fat, this is one dish that can be considered healthy. You'll often find Scotch broth served as a main course, often alongside potatoes. It is a delicious and hearty dish that you simply must try. This dish is so popular that you can even find canned versions that are ready to heat in eat in stores.

If you prefer chicken over mutton, cock-a-leekie soup is another traditional dish. Made from chicken and leeks cooked in chicken broth, it's a savory dish that is also relatively healthy. In some traditional versions of this soup, you'll also find prunes added, sometimes as a garnish.

Traditional Seafood Dishes

There are numerous traditional Scottish dishes that include seafood as a primary ingredient. Finnan haddie, which is basically smoked haddock, is used traditionally in a number of different ways. You'll sometimes find this fish served for breakfast, poached in milk. It's also one of the main ingredients of Cullen skink, which is a thick soup made from potatoes and onions cooked with this smoked fish. Cabbie claw is another traditional seafood dish, made from young haddock, cod or whiting. This dish also includes mashed potatoes, horseradish and parsley.

Traditional Oat Dishes

Oats is a very common ingredient in many traditional Scottish dishes. For breakfast, you'll frequently find that porridge is served, made from oats cooked in milk, water or even broth. However, you'll also find savory porridge dishes served as part of other meals as well.
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