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Writer Jessica Ackerman: Traditional Foods to Enjoy in Romania

If you are going to visit Romania or live there for an extended period of time, you owe it to yourself to sample some of the delicious traditional cuisine. The country has a rich mixture of heritages, due to the fact that Romania was occupied by a number of different countries throughout the years. There is a wonderful country quality to much of Romania's traditional dishes, which simply must be tasted and enjoyed while you are there. Although Romania has plenty of restaurants that feature foods such as Chinese food or pizza, you should try some of the Romania dishes, even if you don't know how what they are, or even how to pronounce them. Although there are certain foods which are traditionally eaten during the holiday season, there are also plenty of the more common everyday dishes that can be sampled throughout the year.

Holiday Dishes
Just as is the case with most countries, Romania has certain foods that are traditionally eaten during the holiday seasons. During the Easter season, many of the traditional dishes feature lamb, including roast lamb and a Romanian lamb haggis dish, which includes the lungs, heart and liver. During the Christmas season, pork is one of the most commonly used meats. Pork dishes often include spicy sausages, including those which are made from the liver. You'll also find many traditional dishes that include the pig's feet, head and even the ears.

Romanian Pancakes
Although those from other countries might call them "pancakes," this popular Romanian dish actually looks more like French crepes. Called "clatita," these delicious little treats can be filled with a number of different things. You might find them prepared as a savory dish, filled with ground meat or cheese. However, it's also common to find these delicious pancakes filled with sweet fillings such as jam. You'll find many of these prepared in the traditional fashion around the holidays, as well as during other times of the year.

Romanian Soups
The first time you try soup in Romania, you might be a bit surprised by the flavor. Although they have a variety of different traditional soups, many of them have a somewhat sour taste. In some cases, these traditional soups are soured by adding sauerkraut juice, vinegar, lemon juice, or the traditional "bors," which is fermented wheat bran.

Popular Romania Beverages
In Romania, wine is usually the preferred beverage. The country has a rich winemaking tradition, and as a result is one of the world's largest wine producers. Although you can certain find plenty of the well-known wine varieties from around the world in Romania, you should also be sure to try some of the domestic varieties, such as Grasa or Feteasca. Romania also has a long tradition of brewing beer, and favors German-influenced varieties such as blonde pilsener. If you're looking to try a drink that you've probably never tasted before, be sure to try the plum brandy. Romania is one of the world leaders in plum production, and uses most of its crop to make this delectable brandy.

Jessica Ackerman, author and staff designer at WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, specializes in southwestern metal art decor and monogram wall grille.

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