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The Cultural Best of Paris France
By:Mark T James

Paris is to culture what water is to fish. Paris the city, and Parisians, are a cultural tour of themselves, but the actual culture is pretty unforgettable, too. If you decide to go to Paris, bring your travel insurance, a receptive mind, and a sense of humour, and you'll love it.

Paris for beginners

This is a jaw-dropping trip into the worlds of Chagall, Cezanne, Monet, Piaf, Renoir, Sartre, Voltaire, The Hot Club, the Impressionists, Van Gogh and a virtual encyclopedia of other world culture phenomena. The city itself is a huge cultural statement. This is also where the true Bohemian culture was born, and it can prove it.

Paris for fun and culture

Paris is famous for being one of the great cultural explorers of the world. Since the 19th century, Paris has actively gone looking for culture, as well as producing its own. Paris fashionable elites were the first to develop the taste for Asian culture and art. The Chinoiserie of France was the first popularization of the world outside Europe since the Middle Ages. Since then, the world's cultures have rolled through Paris.

Paris took up jazz before it became the giant music phenomenon of the mid 20th century. Cinema, art, dance, and literature have been regularly hit by France's giant talents. This is culture, Parisian style, and Paris likes to have fun with its culture.

Cosmopolitan Paris- Eternal cultural synthesis in progress

This is one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, too. Paris takes many forms, and every arrondissement is a discovery. The Parisian Melting Pot is like the New York version, but the result of the melting process is a Parisian, every time. You'll meet most of the world in Paris, sooner or later.

The endless cultural synthesis has done a lot to broaden the cultural palette of a city which was already very well stocked with culture, and it produces a range of hybridized art forms which are on a par with the historical giants. Artists are endemic, musicians are everywhere, and the performing arts are practically unavoidable.

Don't plan your Paris trip to death- Explore!

It doesn't take much planning to see Paris. You already know the places you want to see. Don't miss the Louvre, and try to organize a way of checking out the historical wonders, but don't plan your trip to the point where you can't do anything else. This is a city which has to be experienced, as well as seen. Paris itself is a bon vivant, and it's worth partying with what's happening now.

(Note: If you want to plan anything for your trip, plan on brushing up on your French. Try to get it up to a respectable conversational speed, with good idiomatic usage, because you'll miss a lot if you don't talk to the Parisians about their culture and their city.)

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