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Some Information That You Must Know Before Travelling To Spain
By:Adal Bert

Spain is a most desirable location for spending holidays and it is because of breathtaking countryside, beautiful beaches and a vibrant culture. Being a part of European Union, Spain attracts uncountable visitors from Europe as well as other continents. Visiting Spain can be and overwhelming and intimidating experience but if you do not understand the expectations, customs, educates and practices of the country, it may create problems in enjoying your trip.


Money is an important aspect and Spain travel can be costly. The country’s currency is Euros since it is part of EU nations. You can find currency converters online, in case you want to know what amount of money you would want to carry Spain.

However, carrying cash is not recommended. Spain is full of ATMs and a lot of cards from America are accepted. Make sure that the word PULSE is written on the back of the card as these cards are accepted in all ATMs worldwide. If you intend to spend a long time here, you can open a nonresident bank account.

Off Season

A lot of people prefer traveling Spain in the off-season due to enormous amount of discounts they can avail and the air travel charges are also less during the off-season. Anyways, climate in Spain remains suitable and sunny throughout and traveling in off-season will not let you miss on a lot of things.


There are a range of options available when it comes to accommodating in Spain. The choice of accommodation should depend on the time period you want to spend here. The best choice is locating yourself in a self catering villa that comes in all sizes and allows you to stay in your own comfort and privacy.

It is recommended that you look for a self catering villa in a location that is a little inland and not towards the coast as there would be a huge rental difference in both. Also make sure that you are located centrally so that hiring a car makes it possible to visit all places in short time.


It is always a good idea unless you do not want to end up spending too much. In Spain, most of the restaurant menu included in charge and there is no need to pay extra to the waiter but if you desire you can always add more to the tip.


You must carry passports to travel anywhere in Spain, unless you do not belong to EU nations. If you stay is longer than 90 days, you must also have approved visa on your passport.

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