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A Tourists Guide to Munich Germany
By:Thomas Smith

Even though Munich is only the third largest city in Germany it still has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. Over 1.3 million people live in Munich, and thousands of tourists travel through the city on a yearly basis. All of these people go a long way in making Munich one of the most financially profitable areas in the entire country. Munich also serves as the state capital of Bavaria so it has a very strong politic pull as well.

The city of Munich is located on the River Isar, and offers breathtaking views to visitors and residents alike. When it comes to the cities in Europe with the best views, Munich is also mentioned near the top of the list. The atmosphere alone draws in thousands of tourists on a yearly basis. The tourism industry is one reason that the city of Munich is so profitable in terms of money.

When visiting Munich you should prepare for precipitation. Being that the city is so close to sea and the Alps, precipitation can be quite heavy year round. If you live in Munich you have become used to this weather by now, but if you are only visiting you may find this to be a bit tricky. In many cases downpours can start without much notice and totally soak the area. Being prepared for this is very important if you are going to be traveling in Munich. Snow is also a common occurrence during the winter months in Munich. During the winter months average temperatures are in the low 30s. On the opposite end of the spectrum the month of July is the warmest with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

As far as attractions are concerned, Munich has many churches that have been mainstays for hundred of years. In addition to the churches in the area, there are also many castles and theaters that are of great interest to tourists. One thing in common about all of these structures is that they are beautiful. It is amazing that such complex structures could be designed and built so many hundreds of years ago.

If you want to relax, party, and have a good time Munich is one of the best places to do so in Europe. Even if you like to party all night long, you will never be able to hit all of the hot spots. Breweries, dance clubs, and bars are among the most popular areas for partying.

Munich has one main airport that services the area; the Franz Josef Strauss International Airport. This is one of the most modern airports in Europe, and has only been in existence since 1992 when it took over for the out of date Munich-Reim Airport.

Dont think that just because Munich is not the biggest city in Germany that there is nothing to see. If you get caught up in this trap you will end up missing some of the best attractions in Europe. Even if you only get to spend a day or two in Munich it will be well worth the trip.

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