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Amsterdam, the Capital of the Netherlands
By:Caroline Hawthorn

If you want to experience a unique adventure without having to book a lengthy vacation, look no further than Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Weekend trips to Amsterdam are gaining popularity not only among Western Europeans but among many travelers around the world. Living in the modern fast-paced society, we can no longer enjoy vacations 2-3 weeks long but we still want to slow down and take some time off.

Nobody is going to be bored since Amsterdam offers a vast array of historical, cultural and gastronomic adventures you can savor during your weekend trips to Amsterdam.

First off, pick means of transportation you would like to employ whether it's travel by ferry, car, bike or simply by foot. Walking or biking has to be the most convenient way to enjoy the capital of the Netherlands since it offers accessibility and ease to get virtually anywhere in the city. Parking is very limited and expensive in Amsterdam, so save yourself some stress and go by bike.

Whether you are traveling alone, with a family or a group of friends you can find plenty to see and do in Amsterdam. Personal walking tours come highly recommended since they will take to the most frequented places the locals dine and shop that offer a variety of delicious choices and antique selections.

Make sure you visit the most famous art museum in the world, The Van Gogh's Museum that is a must for any art connoisseur. Another important point of interest to visit in Amsterdam is Anne Frank's House that has become a historical landmark and tells a story of German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II.

Once you grow tired of exploring the capital of Netherlands by bike of by foot, ferry travel is a unique experience allowing you to view all the stunning architecture and picturesque views from the water. You can also purchase some light refreshments or budget-friendly meals right on the ferry.

Taking a night cruise to Amsterdam offers a unique opportunity to see Amsterdam in the dark with its magnificently lit buildings and streets. Taking a night cruise to Amsterdam has to be one of the most romantic adventures one can experience with some of the candlelit cruises that offer the best wines, cheeses, bread and olives to savor while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Weekend trips to Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands are enjoyable and unique for travelers of all ages and interests.

Caroline Hawthorn is one of the fellow contributors of the travel blog at www.TravelInformation123.com.

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