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Fun-Filled Frankfurt, Germany
By:Shll Disuja

Sitting pretty alongside the River Main, this beautiful German city is one of the most impressive the country's got. As a result, thousands of visitors frequent it every year, the other propellant being cheap flights to Frankfurt The vibrant and dynamic city is not just famous among the global tourists, but also happens to be an important international financial and trade hotspot. Replete with an imposing skyline in the whole of Germany, Frankfurt offers is a bustling metropolis. Every nook and cranny of the city is laden with contrasts, so it comes as no surprise when you see wealthy bankers and granola drop-outs existing side by side, or the well-preserved old buildings standing tall and pretty with the avant-garde architecture. Frankfurt is full of places grand and vast as well as cozy and small. While you'll enjoy being at the Römer Square, you'll be no less intrigued by the several off-beaten track neighborhoods, including Sachsenhausen, Bornheim, Nordend and Bockenheim.

Their 19th century beauty is still intact, the glimpses of which you can see through the varied streets and parks. We are all well-aware of Germany's troubled past, the remnants of which you can experience through the city's museums. Educating, enlightening and entertaining at the same time, the Museumsufer that comprises more than 10 museums is the best place to receive a rather deep understanding of German history, heritage, culture, traditions and ways of living. A highly varied and comprehensive are what best define Frankfurt's cultural scene. Apart from the museums, the city is house to several general and specialist art galleries and exhibition halls, offering a peak into celebrated works of art and craft, both local and international. One can safely say that the city plays home to creativity, and there are myriad ways of admiring and marveling at it. Dotted with opera houses, theaters, music halls and private cinemas, there are plenty of exciting and enriching ways of fun one can indulge in. the multifariousness of Frankfurt's cultural landscape leaves one and all surprised and inspired. One can find total relaxation of the mind in the city's several cathedrals and old churches.

There's much to be seen and done, so you'd better come equipped with a long stay. Take a walking tour to the Eiserner Steg, pray at the Dom or Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral, be witness to a fancy event at the Alte Oper, or take a guided tour of an equally interesting place, Börse, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Among the things to do, you can probably sign up for short ballet classes, go ice-skating, play a round of golf, go bowling with kids, pamper yourself in a luxurious spa facility, or simply take a walk in any of the oh-so-verdant parks and gardens of the city. What makes Frankfurt a tourist hotspot is not just what it has to offer but also its people. Warm and hospitable, you'll enjoy a lively conversation with them over a few drinks. Lodgings pose no problem here as you can get anything you want, be it an indulgent stay at a five-star hotel, bed and breakfast or a cheap hotel accommodation.

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