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Tips For Saving on a Trip to Europe
By:Tia T Jones

Talk to someone about the best vacation they ever took and many of them will likely tell you of tales of a Europe trip they took. Ask someone who's never been where they want to go and chances are a trip to Europe will likely be amongst the destinations that they list as where they'd like to go. And even though most vacations are a time to splurge on food and lodging, many of us would like to find ways to enjoy that vacation we've always wanted while at the same time not sacrificing quality. Here are some ways that you can save on your Europe vacation:

1- Look for days or nights of the week that museums offer free admission. Check ahead and schedule your visit accordingly to save.

2- Many major cities throughout Europe offer special discount cards that can either get you a discounted rate or even free admission to attractions, tour of Europe or public transportation. Of course, make sure to evaluate if this card is even worth the purchase. If the cost of this card outweighs its benefits, save by not buying this discount card.

3- Get money out of an ATM. Surprisingly, ATMs provide the best combination of a fair exchange rate and low surcharges and fees. Even though you'll likely have to pay a transaction fee from the ATM, you'll also get a favorable interbank exchange rate as opposed to the higher rates that you'll find at your typical exchange bureaus. Another way to save is to take out larger amounts of money to avoid having to pay ATM fees more than you have to.

4- Don't be afraid to haggle if you're making a purchase. Many times, street vendors will sell the same product you're looking to buy at a much lower price if you're not afraid to do a little haggling. A lot of people aren't comfortable haggling - it's an acquired taste.

5- Avoid restaurants that feast on tourist with signs that read, "We Speak English" or other signs or multilingual menus that are designed to lure you in. Oftentimes restaurants filled with locals offer better food at a far better price.

6- Adapt yourself to the local tastes to save money. Tea in England and beer in Germany are cheaper options because they're readily-available. Save some money by divulging in these local delicacies and walk out with some extra change in your pocket to use for haggling prices later in the day.

7- Make sure to prepare all of your documentation that you'll need for your trip to Europe. Make sure you have all your passports, visas, air tickets and other important paperwork secured when you're travelling throughout Europe. Having to pay to recover copies of these documents or buy new plane tickets can put a drain on your pocketbook as well as the fun you'll be having on your vacation.

8- Update yourself on the latest laws and customs of whichever country you'll be travelling to. This will keep you safe and also prevent you from having to worry about dealing with legal fees while overseas.

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