Europe, the Middle East
By:Mandana Tayeri <>
Date: 27 May 2017

My name is Mandana, an English instructor with American citizenship. I moved to Istanbul from San Francisco in 2013 and since then I have been teaching mostly in English preparatory programs at different private universities here. Prior to Istanbul, I taught at St.Giles International, San Francisco for a while after completing my CELTA. I hold a double bachelor degree from San Francisco State University in biochemistry and cell molecular biology and a CELTA certificate, which I completed in San Francisco. Now I am quite curious about working with kids specifically in good kindergartens to get some experience. I have volunteering experience with children both in hospitals and in libraries. I can definitely teach science classes in English and will able to manage art classes, as I am very artsy myself. In addition, I am a very dedicated, enthusiastic, and reliable person as well as being a team player.


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