Guangzhou, Shenzhen
By:Max Safarov <[email protected]>
Date: 13 February 2018

Hello! I have an experience of more than 3 years, taught English to kids and adults, taught English in China for 1 year. I am looking for a job in city Guanzhou or Shenzhen. I am originally from Russia and i traveled a lot and lived in many European countries, where English as a language, either native or very commonly used, like England, Finland.I studied in University in Germany for several years, the study proccess was all in English. My accent is very clear, you can check that in my videopresentation

I have a master degree in law from Russian University. I have a working visa, which allows me to stay in China until October 2017. I am familiar with TEFL techniques, used them in my everyday job. Have an IELTS certificate with score 7.5 I will be able to teach from the 1-st of September.

My requirements:
1. Working place close to my appartment.
2. 35 working hours per week. That include the actual class time(teaching hours) + time for preparation(office hours).
3. I don’t teach in kindergardens and kids under 7 years old.
4. I would really want to have an assistant in class, if it’s a primary school
5 Clean and quiet, unshared appartment
6. An employer deals with visa issues.
7. Salary: 14000 RMB

Wechat id: max_safarov
Skype: safarov_maxim
[email protected]


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