Anywhere in China.
By:Jimmy <[email protected]>
Date: 22 April 2017

Hey, Good day everyone or whatever the time maybe. I am Jimmy, 29 years old, black,180cm, I am an English teacher in China. I have three years teaching experience,I can teach middles,high schoosl,Uni,and kindergartens well, but guys you know what? I love kids,they give me joy,because i see them as Angels,innocent and always happy,i love that part because is what we all need,i use games and English songs to make my class interesting,because at the end my heart is filled with joy if i see that i can make them happy,all i want is to try my to make sure they have fun,with that English will never be a boring language to them, please give me a job if you can,thank you.

Contact me:::wecaht::::Anorld4uall.
Cell phone:::15777441336.


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