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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Tip

For some students when they are doing Part 3 of the speaking test - things can get quite lengthy and the examiner might start to look at the clock.

This is expected, and in some ways it is a good sign that you are enthusiastic about what you are talking about.

Here are a few phrases to smoothly finish what you are talking about and make it look like you meant to do that all along!

‘So to reiterate, my response is...’ recognises all that you’ve and makes it clear exactly what your position is (even if you have wandered from what you were talking about).

Try also ‘And therefore my main point is’ if you’ve made so many different arguments that things have become complicated.

Also ‘and lastly I’d have to say that’ is also a great way to finish things off.

These phrases will just make everything appear smooth and sound like you are in control and give a great appearance of confidence.

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