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Employment Tips

Take Control Of Your Career!
By:Andre Palmer

The most important first step to make a radical career change is to take a good look at your present situation

- The most important first step is to get an overview of what your situation looks like right now. Next, look at how you got where you are today. Many look only forward, but planning is also about looking behind us to see what mistakes you made in the past and maybe find your way back to your old dreams.

Set a Goal
Sit down and close your eyes and dream. If you right now could be where it is you want to be, what does it look like?

- Ask yourself what you want, and what is your goal. Goals and dreams give us momentum and motivation. They help us to move forward, and we get triggered by the reward when we reach the goals we set for ourselves.

Review your options
Once you know where you want to go, you need to find the way there. Find out what is missing in order to get there. You must be aware that all roads may not be possible for you. Take factors such as family relationships, geography or anything that is needed into consideration.

- Is it education, special training, or additional experience that is needed? Do you need to grow you network? Whatever it is that you feel you need to get to where you want to go, clarify what it is and then it's about trying to find the tools.

Ask for feedback
Sometimes you need help, or someone who pushes you to be brave enough to change or take a step forward. People around you can also help with feedback and insights.

- Ask someone else to provide feedback and insight about you. Ask others what they think is good about you, and what you can improve. By asking people who have known you for a long time what their image of you is you can find your strengths.

Practice to get better
Do more and more things that you are not familiar with to learn something all the time.

- If you are not used to dream, practice dreaming. If you are not sure about how to answer a job advertisement, or attending an interview, practice. Whatever the case, you have to practice to get better. In the end, it is your self-esteem and self-confidence you have to increase.

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André Palmér


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