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How to Deal With a Difficult Co-Worker - 3 Practical Tips
By:Deepanjolie Figg

Getting that dream job in these trying times of competition and recession is nothing short of an achievement; keeping it, however, is something else.

The niggling resentment signals sent out by a difficult co-worker may just seem like the proverbial last straw that broke the camel's back and have you running for cover. But if you've been somewhat overwhelmed by things at work not working to your advantage, don't give in to head-banging (or even buying that Voodoo doll just yet!)

1. If you really want to fix a situation at work, instead of simply wanting to emerge the winner of the series, try to resolve existing problems with the concerned colleague face-to-face, so work is not disrupted and neither is anyone shamed.

2. In case your difficult co-worker is the overly-argumentative types, who won't give you a chance to get a word in edgeways, let him or her continue their tirade. It gives you more time to rationalize and think up better counter-arguments while keeping a cool head.

3. Always try to end a discussion that is going nowhere with a difficult colleague on a pleasant note: you maintain a professional environment and also stay poised.

So, do not allow a difficult co-worker to get the better of you by allowing yourself to get pulled into office politics and have your performance at work suffer due to this.

Finally, remember you were hired on the job because of your skills and personal traits. So, focus on your ability to deliver, which sustains you in the job apart from looking positively at the perks offered, which will help you remain charged up for delivering your personal best.

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