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Tips to Fight Exhaustion While at Work
By:Michael Sanjaya

What time do you usually start to work? Do you work during day time? Or do you work at night time? Well, no matter what the time your work is, sometimes you may feel exhausted while at work. Such manner would increase your chances in putting your job in jeopardy. The probability of committing a mistake is increased when you are extremely exhausted. If you are one of the people who often times feel exhausted while at work then you should follow the tips I am going to share to you in order to fight exhaustion during work hours.

1. Don't forget to eat your meal before going to work. If you work during day time, then you should never ever skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will make you feel hungry while working. It will make you easily tired which would eventually exhaust you. Same goes to those who work during night time. Don't forget to eat dinner before going to work.

2. Get enough sleep. If you don't have enough sleep then you would feel so tired and fatigued during working hours. You should at least sleep for a minimum of six hours a day. If you sleep less than six hours, wait until you get to work, you will feel a slight numbness and tingling sensations while you work. This is a signal of feeling exhausted. Keep in mind that our body needs rest in order to keep your body going for the rest of the day.

3. Bring candies with you at work. Candies are definitely helpful to keep you going. Candy bars contain glucose which would stimulate your body to move. Eating a small piece of candy while working will also keep your mind working. Remember that our body needs sugar to burn. And when you're at work especially when it's your mind that is working, your burning process is twice as fast as moving or having an exercise.

4. Loosen up yourself from time to time while you are working. Shake your body up when you start to feel exhausted from what you are doing. Stand up for at least 2 minutes and do stretching to make you feel all better. Or you can walk for at least five minutes within the vicinity of your workplace. Quit smoking during break time, you will feel even more exhausted when you do.

Now these are the few effective tips to fight exhaustion during working hours. Do them regularly and for sure you will be able to cope with exhaustion permanently.

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