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How to Ask For Feedback at Work
By:Gabriel Stiller

Getting feedback from others about your performance is a great way of improving your skills. Feedback should be constructive, timely and sincere so that you can use it to improve your performance or fine tune processes.

When you ask someone for feedback you need to ensure that you request for specific information. Simply asking for feedback is not enough. In most cases if you are not specific what you will get is an opinion instead of feedback. It is up to you to get the kind of feedback that you are looking for out of the other person.

Only if you ask pointed questions will you get a specific response. For instance if you have asked someone for their feedback on a marketing campaign you need to ask if the campaign is likely to attract attention, would it stand out from the competition and how it could be made more eye-catching. You should ask about the language of the campaign, the tone of the campaign, the overall look and any other suggestions that can be used to improve the campaign.

It is important you ask the right person for feedback. The person whom you are asking for feedback should be qualified and best suited for answering your questions. Such a person should be able to provide you with feedback upon which you can act. Even if it takes you a while to zero in on this kind of a person, the effort will be worth it.

You need to brief the person about the kind of response you are expecting from them. Correct briefing allows the other person to understand the purpose behind your feedback and respond accordingly. Just saying something is good or bad is not equal to effective feedback. The other person should be ale to tell you why something is good or bad and how they think it can be improved. The other person should also be able to provide you with bias free feedback. For instance, the feedback should be targeted not at you as a person but at the product or service that the other person is reviewing.

For instance, if the person has some differences with you those should not creep into the feedback. Similarly just because you have a good equation with someone does not mean they are obliged to offer you great feedback. In order to be able to use the information provided through the feedback you need to be able to trust that the feedback is objective and unprejudiced. Keep this criterion in mind while selecting a person to provide you with feedback.

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