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Tip for Effective Presentation - Create a Powerful Context for Your Presentation
By:Piyush Bhatia <bm.englishtrainer@gmail.com>

The first and the foremost thing to do prior beginning to prepare for presentation, ask yourself: 'What is the reason behind making this presentation?' Is it required to report, convince, amuse, coach or trade? Your purpose should be understood by you, if it is to be cleared to your spectators. A statement of purpose not only depicts what you wish to achieve or fulfill, but also assists you to know whether you have accomplished or not, at the end of your speech. You can categorize your reason for presentation into two parts: Commonly or Precisely.

Your common purpose can be further divided into three sub-categories: to instruct, to convince or to amuse. An instructive presentation at the new employee orientation program or another enlightening presentation to explicate your project status or type is usual presentations that have an informative purpose. Sales presentations, presentations by marketing executives to persuade sales representatives to be more passionate about product that has gone down in sales, etc. fall under the second sub category- to convince.

When you prepare a particular reasonable statement, you have to indicate whom you wish to persuade, what you wish them to ponder or perform and when and where you wish them to perform it. For instance, if you wish your superior to accept and acknowledge the internal proposal or suggestion that you presented at the time of discussion then at the end of your presentation, you have to devise your particular purpose statement with the four 'wh'- who, what, when and where.

our purpose statement should obviously specify indicate the aspired result of your presentation. For instance, in a training program, when you are delegated the job of amplifying the characteristics of Microsoft Excel to a group of fresh staff or workers, your purpose statement would be 'I want all the individuals of this group to prove that he/she uses all the features of Microsoft Excel with effectiveness after my presentation'.

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